Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another floral mini combo

Today was the perfect day to be able to wear this mini skirt outfit. I had this inspiration photo forever in my stack. I think this photo might have been the reason this 'floral mini skirt' had made it to my fall/winter wish list.

Since I don't have the perfect black boots I wore my dark brown ones therefore kept the jacket and the tights in dark navy.

I also added a suede tassle belt just cause the waist felt empty. This blazer jacket is just so perfect. It is crop and 3/4 sleeves and very lightweight and easy to wear.

Floral Mini Skirt, Blazer Jacker, Bib Necklace - Forever 21
Tee - Target
Boots - Steve Madden
Belt - do not remember (very old)

Today's Activities: It was my turn to take my son (and my husband took my dauthter) today. We first went to the mall to visit the Disney Store. He loves that store and is totally fine with not buying anything as long as I tell him before we go. They have this huge screen where the kids can choose their own song clips to play on it. My son loves that part the best. He put on 'life is a highway' from Cars and danced to it. We then went to the movies with my friend and her son to see 'Gnomeo & Juliet'. My son loved eating popcorn but I do have to have to constantly explain what is hapenning and answer his questions but then he watched the whole movie with interest. We then had lunch at the food court. My friend left and as discussed put Trevor in the stroller covered with a big blanket for some quiet time while I browsed a few shops. He didn't sleep but was very good resting quietly under the blanket. He really does great if you just tell him all the things you will be doing. We came home to meet my dad, brother and sister-in-law. Went to the pretty beach that has cliffs for their pregnancy photo shoot. It was fun playing photographer. Got some great shots. Came home to play and have a big pizza dinner all together.

Here is my son joinning my photo shoot before we left in the morning...

My son in the Disney Store singing to 'life is a highway'


  1. Love this skirt and shoes !

  2. This is gorgeous mama! It looks so polished and expensive. Well done with F21!


    November Grey

  3. İ love the necklace matching with the skirt and the rest all kept as dark colors really made them pop out. Well done looks great!

  4. Super cute, I love this look so much!

  5. You are one cool mommy! I ADORE this look! The print on the skirt is delicious! And oh, your son is so fricken' cute!!

    heart: miss furnellie (with a baby in her belly)

  6. a pretty floral inspiration and so cute with these boots ! Young style mommy !


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