Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mommy Outfit

This outfit was in my list minus the scarf and  had skinny jeans but decided these flared ones would look cooler and now that they are making a come back why not give the old pair a welcome. So I put up every scarf I own and nothing looked great except this unexpected bubble gum pink one which I got for under $2 at a bazaar in Turkey. I think it looks cool and gives it a splash of upcoming spring...

The Jacket is F21 but I got it from a thrift store, so even less than their great prices. I like its style and the 3/4 sleeves lets the top under show trhough.

I picked this outfit cause when the weather gets hot wanted to have a thin and comfy top underneath and with the scarf it would still look interesting. Except it remained cool the whole time we were at the park so I kept the jacket on.

I couldn't resist matching the watch to the scarf. My mom got this watch as a 'gift with purchase' from an accessory store. I saw it in her watch box (yes, she has a watch box) and commented and she being how she is immediately said I could take it. I will wear this more in summer too I am sure.

Posing with my son... 

Long Sleeve cotton top - Newport News Catalog
Jacket - Thrifted Forever 21
Jeans - Citizens
Boots - Steve Madden
Scarf - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Went to the outdoor preschool class. San Diego weather is so odd, it has been spring/summer like weather for days and of course today was back to fall/winter chills. I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow. Anyway for a brief moment the sun came out it was super warm the minute it went away it was chilly. Kids had a great as always regardless. I keep 3 different layers for them in the car for the ever changing weather: A comfy cardigan, a thin windbreaker/rain jacket and a thick winter coat. I also have to keep winter and summer hats and sunglasses for them and always a small bottle of sunblock cause the minute it is sunny they need it here. Not that I am complainning. They napped hard... We did a make-up music class for the one we missed on my daughter's b-day. Then went grocery shopping. Once again I underestimated how long it takes to unload and put away the groceries that have been purchased so it was full stress before dinner. After dinner the entire family helped to make cupcakes for tomorrow's preschool b-day celebration. More becaues my son wanted to watch and help and my daughter goes in a total mommy attachment phase right after dinner so she had to be involved and I needed my husband to supervise them so I didn't mess up. I am not a baker or a good cook so hope these come out good. I will give the link to the recipee if they do cause they are interesting. Choclate cupcakes with zucchini and carrots to make them healthy. My husband was not excited about those ingredients. He also questioned about 10 times why we weren't just buying ready made ones. I was wondering the same thing after an hour of cooking followed by an hour of cleanning!


  1. sounds like a busy, busy day! you know i'm a fan of flares...so i'm loving this, and pink and green look so good together. btw, i'm in hawaii.


  2. So pretty! The pink scarf was an excellent choice--definitely springlike!

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun day!
    I love pink and green together and they look great on you!

  4. sweet blog, miss ; )



  5. I love the green and pink together. One of my favorite color combos.

  6. The colors look great on you and especially with that jacket. Looks so expensive although from F21! Finally my watch found the perfect wrist to flaunt on;)İ am also loving to be able to use my high waist bell bottom jeans which İ paid a lot in the past.With the high platforms that are also in it makes legs a mile long nit that you need it but for the most of us !!! İ need the cupcake recipe too:)

  7. Super, super cute! I'm loving the pink and the green!!!

  8. You are one chic mommy! Love the jacket and watch!


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