Saturday, February 19, 2011

Granny Grunge

I finally got to wear this outfit. I had this inspiration back in August when I was browsing the magazines back in Turkey. I think it is from Elle Sept or Elle August 2010 issue.

When I saw this I remembered this dress I had stored in my son's closet. This dress is at least 13 years old  I kid you not. I just knew it wwould be worn again and even though it is a cheap one I kept it. With this spring's floral trend I am sure to wear it in warm weather as well.

This purple velvelt jacket just goes so nicely with the dress. Sometimes it just all comes together. (unlike the times where things just don't work). Anyway this jacket is also super old, at least 5-8 years. It was in Forever 21's clearance section and it was a size large but I fell in love and tried it on and realized it does look OK and bought it. I still remember that day, I was with my mom and another relative that was visiting. May be my stepdad's mother. So weird some clothes I have very vivid memories of when I purchased them or when I wore them.

I am just so amazed that this $4.80 owl charm necklace looks so good with so many outfits. Totally brings a vintage and cutesy charm to the ensemble. The colors are always perfect. And I bought this online not realizing it was bigger than I thought. Love it though.

I really neet to get  a better pair of black tights. These are so not as opaque as I would like.
Also see the 'chanel' like resin ring I added...

Floral Dress - Eye Candy
Purple Jacket & black beret & owl necklace - Forever 21
Black LS top - Gap
Black suede boots - Steve Madden

Friday's Activities: Knowing it will rain in the afternoon but clear in the morning took the kids to sea world and met my friend there. We didn't do much, saw the polar bears, walrus, penguins then went the seasame st. play area. Then she had to leave with her younger one to the Dr's and I took her older son and my 2 to the dolphin show where at the same time I fed them lunch. Amazing how once you are comfortable with two kids handling 3 is not that bad. Brought them to my house (we had already moved her car seat to mine). My two napped but hers likes to just play which was fine.
When they woke up they had a playdate while we hung out. I left as soon as my husband came and met my best friend at the mall. We had dinner then shopped (in rain). Bought the most amazing purple faux fur jacket at Forever 21 on clearance for $14!!! It is super nice quality fur too. From the twelve by twelve collection. Can't wait to wear that one. We then went to a 10:30 pm showing of King's Speech. Good movie, definitely oscar worthy.

Kids posing with me again:


  1. İ love this floral dress +military look. That jacket is amazingly rich looking. İ have so many of these floral dresses İ should try them with my military jackets. Love the kids posing with you . You are all so lucky to be able to spend the whole day together every day!

  2. The first thing I thought when i saw this look was: how do I get my hands on that jacket?! I can't believe it'e F21!!!

  3. looooove it! i love anything granny inspired!

  4. Great photos and amazing dress!!!

  5. Gorgeous outfit - such a great take on "Granny Chic"!


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