Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter White

After weather in 70s we are down to 60s and rain so taking immediate advantage of this situation and wearing a heavy 'winter' item from my list. My inspiration came from the following chictopia post:

When I saw this, I loved mixing white with camel and of course use of fur. The only think I was missing was the white hat so bought one at Forever 21 for $6.

This chunky t-neck is super old but rarely gets worn because it is so heavy and in Southern CA there is rarely a day where the weather will stay consitantly at a cold temprature to handle this top. Today was one of those days where I could pull it off.  

I am just so amazed that this faux fur collar which came attached to a shrug a long time ago is coming so handy this year. I tied a bit looser and secured it with a vintage looking pin.  At some point during the past 10+ years broches were in fashion. I wore them over twinset cardigans for that retro look. I have collected 5 really cool ones so that is how I pull these off with no additional purchases.

I even copied her black gloves and cuffs. Mine have a touch of gold sparkle to them. These fingerless gloves are actually practical enough to keep on even indoors. But when it came time to wash the kids hands I had to take them off. There is a limit I guess. :)

The 'skirt' is not really a skirt of course. It is the same white maxi summer tank dress I bought and wore so many times past summer. Bought it from a street vendor for under $30. 

It is made out of so much fabric and is lined. My daughter pulled at my skirt and asked 'princess?' as she is very into princess clothes and thinks every full skirt is one. :)

I loved the idea of mustard tights undernath. Not that they show unless you pull up the skirt but as I sat on the floor and got up about a hundred times at the preschool with the kids they definitely showed.

This was one of those outfits that I really liked.

Skirt - white maxi tank dress - from Turkey
Sweater - super old how knows where I got it...
Fur Scarf - came with a shrug from Victoria's Secret
Broch - again not sure from where...
Gloves - gift from mom
Cuff bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Watch - Michael Kors
Boots - Steve Madden
Beret - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Well we took the product of our crazy baking night cupcakes to school this morning. I also took a tub of frosting and sprinkles so each kid can frost and decorate their own cupcake. At the end of the class the four kids that had b-days in February stood up front while everyone sang them happy birthday and made pretend cake and blew out pretend candles which were fingers of their siblings. Very cute. My daughter loved the attention. After naps we went to the indoor play place which was crazy packed since it was rainning. That is thing with San Diego, everything is outdoors here. 95% of our central malls are outdoor malls, all the parks (sea world, zoo, wild animal park, legoland etc...) are outdoors. So when it rains there is very few places to go with kids and hence every single indoor play place gets crazy packed.
We came home and for a change my husband was already at home and he loves to cook taco's so we had taco dinner. Kids loved making their own tacos and crunching them down.

These photos are really low quality cause the lighting in the classroom sucks for photos it seems...

But here is my daughter with her 'bday sticker'...

My son is trying to hold 'two' fingers up for her to blow...

The 3 b-day kids and my son is the first to wish them all a happy birthday... 


  1. I love this outfits! You look great:) the little fur is gorgeous and i really like your skirt!
    by the way your daughter looks ADORABLE:) And you're a good mommy for baking cupcakes late night:)

  2. İ love the idea looks great all together. Actually İ bought a skirt just like this yesterday from my thrift store for $6 and planning to wear it with my chunky white sweater and mix it with gray gray gloves and hat! The B day kids look adorable and Juliet is getting so much wear out of those rain boots;) İ am glad she loves them.

  3. Really lovely :).
    Great blog. If you want follow me and I'll follow you too :D.
    Alla Moda e con Stile

  4. So cute!! That outfit is great. Summery and wintery all rolled into one. I really need to get a fur collar.

  5. i recently mentioned that i need a white skirt like this!! the white and camel is a great combo.

  6. i really enjoy your blog, and your kids are the cutest!


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