Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Mixes

So, remember back when I mentioned I had put together a crazy combo of mixing patterns and using tigh high socks and my husband had called it the 'clown combo' without seeing it? Well months later I am finally wearing that outfit!

Somehow it had looked cooler that night for some reason. I mean I don't hate it now but not head over heels about it either.

I liked layering a pink cardigan over the burgandy floral blouse top of plaid shorts! Mixing patterns and colors.

These tigh high socks were a TJ Max find. Their color is hard to identify, kind of brown or dark taupe, they were some sort of brand name but can't remember the brand.
I have always liked this bronze bead necklace with a stain brown bow. You can either wear it with the bow showing or in the back. For this outfit I put the bown in front to compliment the socks.

Here are my precious Chanel heels...

These duks photos are not as bad as I thought they would be. Some of my full sunshine photos come worse actually.  

Floral Blouse - Tucker for Target
Pink wrap around cardi - sister's hand me down (don't recognize the brand)
Shorts & necklace - Forever 21
Tigh high socks - TJ Maxx
Heels - Chanel

Today's Activities: Crazy day at preschool with valentine treat bags, cookies and I had a Dr appt so my mom had to come over in the middle and take over. Felt bad but didn't want the kids to miss out. I came home right when they went down for naps and tried to make all my phone calls, bill payment. Went to the indoor play area so I can finish up my stuff. Then came home in a frenzy to get ready and cook dinner. We were supposed to have my dad babysit (which was a last minute offer) so we didn't have any good rez but thought we can go to a place like CPK and a movie. Unfortunately there was some miscommunication my dad waited for confirmation which I never got the message of so by the time he was 45 minutes and we decided to call him it was quiete late. He is still coming and we'll see what we can do. Still happy to be spending the valentine's with my hubby. Just as soon as we leave the house it will feel special. Right now a bit chaotic.


  1. those heels ARE precious! i do love the colors and mix of prints here.

  2. Original style, nice combination, so glamour chic and sexy cool !

  3. Those heels are so awesome. I really like the color combo of the blouse and the cardi.
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  4. LOVE the shoes!!!! Wow so jealous you have Chanel shoes!

  5. This whole outfit looks like İ am turning a magazine page! looks great on you but the only thing İ am wondering is How Jon felt about going out with you in this outfit?;)))
    Ps. İ love those Chanel shoes with everything

  6. Love the blouse!
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  7. beautiful, elegant and very seductive. perfect all time


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