Sunday, March 13, 2011

Peacock Ranch

My inspiration came from the lovely sisters @ Fashion Fabrice:

I could have gone with my what I call 'red carpet' scarf which has more subdued colors of burgandy and deep burnt orange. But I really wanted to wear this new scarf I found at TJ Maxx couple weeks ago...

I just love how the electric blue pops up against the white and the brown.
This blazer jacket has a velvety texture. It is once again from my mom's closet. And when I pulled it off the hanger I realized it has a matching fitted vest! What a bonus. Oh, the possibilities now...

When it got warm mid day and walking at the park I took off the jacket but kept the scarf. Still looks cool with the burgandy ribbed tank. I got this tank and a military green one for our big safari trip to Kenya back in 2004. I usually wear them on top of each other as the two colors go really nicely. They are also great layering pieces as you can see...

I was somewhat on a rush so not much time to pick accessories. Decided on these burnished gold orange earings. To match the inspiration outfit I paired navy ankle socks with the navy patent peep toes. They are definitely unexpected under cargos for sure.

But, of course these heels are so not realistic with kids so here comes the rugged boots instead...

All the photos are taken by my friend at her backyard. We had a full day playdate gathering at her house today!

Navy Velvet Blazer - Mom's
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Ribbed tank - CLOSET
Cargos - JCrew
Ankle socks & Earings - Forever 21
Heels - Steven by Steve Madden

Today's Activities: Oh, I can't tell you how good it feels to feel good again. My ear is still a bit puffy and hurts a little but my energy is back. Made me realize how much we take good health and a happy state of mind for granted as we rush through our days. I couldn't survive at least not as an active SAHM without my energy and that deep supply of patience and understanding when they my 3.5 year asks 'why' for the 5th time.
My husband was more than eager to help us pack up and leave the house this morning as we headed to my friend's house for a playdate. They live 30 miles north of us so usually when we visit each other it is usually for at least a few hours. We had a fun morning with the kids and stayed on for naps.
In the afternoon we went this amazing amazing park to see the wild running peacocks. Oh the scenery was just breathtaking. Very rustic which is totally my style. Would have been an amazing place to do an outfit photo shoot. IF only we didn't have 4 little kids running in 4 different direction on a very uneven ground with deliate looking but could cause harm peacocks around. So, no. But, I did take photos of the area as we walked around.

Here are some:

And here is the georgous all white peacock...

Our 3 Muskateers... They ran across the bridgne ahead of us and sat on this bench all on their own and started giggling. Lucky I was still on the other side to snap the photo...


  1. Great smart looking outfit....nice pics too!

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  2. What a beautiful place. Looks relaxing, like the kind of place with lots of fresh air.
    Your outfit is really cute, I am loving 3 things of it: 1) It looks chic, 2)It looks comfortable and 3) the color selection is GREAT, not to mention those on that beautiful scarf.

  3. Wow - what a place, those peacocks are amazing! Love your scarf - just gorgeous!

  4. The scarf is beautiful goes great with the top! the rest İ don't know if İ like it. The peacocks are amazing and the the kids pictures oh how how İ misses all of you. very jealous of you for this park visit next time İ am coming too!!

  5. First of all--I LOVE your scarf! And the peacock photos are gorgeous, and how perfect that the colors in your scarf echo the peacock feathers.

  6. Looks like a great day with the kids! I love that scarf. Both the navy heels with the socks and the rugged boots look great with at outfit!

  7. Really like this outfit post.


  8. So glad you're feeling better! I love the scarf - it totally makes the outfit pop!


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