Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspiration Monday

This is my take on the Inspiration Monday challange outfit.

Here was the challange photo:
Inspiration Mondays are hosted by Megan & Nora from the Two Birds blog.

I tried to be different and pair this skirt with a different top but it just did not go, so I gave up the fight and used the matching shirt that goes with the skirt.

Even though the inspiration photo did not show any accessories, I wanted to add something. So added the cute and chunky charm bracelet that has pinks and purples like the outfit and the chunky chain necklace to pick up the gold on the boots... 

If my skirt was minier my tigh high boots would have been cool but since it is not that mini I think these knee high boots do just fine.

Matching skirt and blouse - La Redoute Catalog
Belt - Delia's
Boots - Juicy Couture
Necklace - Ralph Lauren
Charm Bracelet - Victoria's Secret

To see how others applied this same inspiration check out Two Birds' Post...

Today's Activities: Well, today is the start of our big backyard remodel. Below I posted a few photos of the 'before' just to give you an idea. Can't wait to do the whole 'before' and 'after' album when it is all finished and done. Once I got the demo guys settled I left for preschool with the kids. Since it was somewhat nice out there was a big water table activity going on in the playground section so they both got soaked, but I keep a bag of extra clothes so it was no problem. I loved though my son came to me before and asked if he could play with water so I rolled up his sleeves. A while later he came to tell me he was a little bit wet but it was OK that it would dry. He is just too cute. When we got home they both laid on the floor of our family room checking out the rock pile that has become of our backyard from under the nylon they had taped on the windows.
We might hit the indoor play area after naps and some errands. Might or might not go out with the mommy friends tonight. We had plans but one of them is sick so not sure what is going on. The thing is I already changed out of the silk dress so that is de-motivating me for going out...

Here are some 'Before' of our backyard...

The sliding door behind this table used to be a window so when we turned into a sliding door we left the front in dirt then just put loose bricks. Nice right? Also the other dirt part is where we used to have our sprinkler system...

Notice how the tile is covered in moss and discolord and the grout is totally crumbling. We can't even wash the ground with a regular hose as it removes the grout like pieces of rocks... 

This stupid 'step down' next to the dinning area drives us crazy. We are going to even it out. Also notice our kids' sand box is filled with sand bags instead. We use these to prevent flodding when it rains. Horrible draineage issues... 

And finally notice the huge black 'rust' spots in our pool... 

Hopefully in a month and a half I will be posting beautiful after photos... :)


  1. Very well done! I really like the boots with that skirt!

  2. love it. those boots are awesome!

  3. LOL what a typo can do (I guess). English is not my mother language so you had me wondering what a discolord is and why you have it in your tiles :-D

    BTW, I'm a fellow Inspiration Monday participant and I think your version is great! Very true to the original's spirit! :-)

  4. faaaabulous boots! i always stayed away from black boots because i thought they were too harsh, especially here. but i just love they way they look! exciting plans for the backyard?! can't wait to see the results.

  5. Love the black boots so much! I like the skirt and top too - what a great print! Can't wait to see how the back yard turns out!!!

  6. love this! gonna have to join inspiration mondays after i finish my remix. can't believe i'm almost done!!!

    this outfit is great. love the boots, and your take is definitely inspired but all your own! great job!


  7. Amazing dress!!!Love the color and the style of it!!!

  8. nice boots with the skirt, those zippers are really unique!

    haha what I meant with the ultra sound is that you see what's under your skin and the baby is up your legs before it comes down, it's a joke :)

  9. Hi! I found your blog through FBFF. I am also a stay at home mom in San Diego! :) It is really nice to be able to love both raising kids, and fashion. I will enjoy coming back to visit your blog again.

  10. You look GREAT!! The skirt and shirt are so so pretty, the colors beautiful and I love your boots, I am a huge fan of Juicy, everything they do is a success!
    I would 'Steal this style' its great.

  11. I honestly thought that was a dress. I think you look great, I love it with the knee-high boots.

    It sounds like you and the kids had a fun day! I'm excited for your backyard re-do. Remodeling is fun - when it's done! :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  12. I can't believe you can look at a photo and go to your closet and find something that close! The Inspiration Monday sounds like such a fun thing to do, but probably only if I had a bigger closet. Hee hee!


  13. Thanks for your comments Daphne
    Yeah can't believe for once the good weather was a frustration. Good days are so few and far between.
    Loved your interpretation - the colours and combination were spot on.
    Lori xo

  14. beautiful dress! :)

  15. great interpretation. I can't wait to participate. what a great idea! The boots are amazing!


  16. i love the print of this dress - it's gorgeous!


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