Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sands of Time

This outfit came better than I thought it would. It always happens. The outfits you think that are going to be great sometimes turn out duds and the ones you have low expectations from turn out pretty good.
So, these are actually quite the flared leg pants. I read a tip in a magazine the other day that you half fold the leg in then fold up to create a capri harem pant look. Totally works right?

I actually had an inspiration photo for this look from last year but forgot to take a photo but as you can imagine from my previous inspirations that it was very similar, but in a different color scheme. I tried on a few different scarfs and settled on the trusty Ed Hardy one. I love wearing this scarf cause it is so soft (same material as a cotton t-shirt).
These are the brown wood platforms I got from F21 for the summer. I have them paired with almost 80% of the outfits in my list when I want to add heels.

The cross shoulder bag is from H&M I totally think I can use as my wallet/purse and it is actually roomier than my juicy one. If the warm weather continues I will have to retire my animal print juicy one until fall. I might switch between this and my old coach navy blue one.

So, once again I couldn't wear the hills to the morning park b-day party in a sandy playground. So I switched to the sneaker wedges. But then realized the red sling back flats I wore yesterday to the mall had left their mark on the back of my ankles so switched to orange flip flops. This all happened within 5 minutes since leaving the house for me involves literally 5 trips to and back from the house to the car that I can immediately tell if my shoes are going to work or not!

Denim Vest, Pants, Brown wood platform heels - Forever 21
Tee - twilight (yes the movie) from Nordstrom Rack
Scarf - Ed Hardy from TJ Maxx
Bracelets & Anklet - ruche and from turkey
Purse - H&M
Sunglasses - Channel

Today's Activities: It was my turn to spend time with my daughter while my husband took my son. Of course first I had to meet yet another contractor for the backyard. This went really well since I had to hold my daughter the entire time we were talking and she constantly asked in Turkish who this guy was and what was he saying. It was so distracting and cute at the same time. At least she spoke a language he didn't understand.
Afterwards we went to her gym class. It has been 3 weeks since I attended her class and I was amazed how much she has learned. She was doing head stands, flips, side way walks on the balance beam and my favorite the table stand. It was just so cute. I wish I could stop and take pictures or better yet video tape. Priceless. My husband had fun too. My son has been collecting change around the house into a small container all week long. He counts it everyday (of course this involves dropping all the coins all around the floor and all of us looking for them) and saved it all for today to buy a DVD from Best Buy. So that is where they went after daddy took him to get his haircut. We all met at our friend's kid's b-day party in the park. Wow, all this before noon!
Afternoon was lower key where we went to my parent's house who are back from their cruise. The kids insisted on lentils so my mom had to cook instead of our plans for take out. My daughter must have eatent two bowls. The picky kid does like one thing that is healthy.

I wasn't the only one posing today. This pose was my daughter's idea. I actually wanted her to stand straight so I could get her outfit but she was giving me these cute and funny poses.
Had to do a close-up of her sandals. Mom got these 7 brand cuties from Marshalls. They are just to die for..


  1. Oh my god ! I love your shoes so much !!!

  2. I have done that look with lots of jeans but I swear I have a matching pair of pants (I bought mine at Express on clearance and love them!) I may have to channel your look here!
    Wishing you a fabulous Sunday, cheers,

  3. Great look. Everything works. I love how the shoes match the bag and the scarf add a nice dash of color.

  4. You look Great! Love the way you out put everything together for this outfit .... but the 7Brand sandals are kind of stealing all my attention. They are super cute!

  5. Her shoes are so sweet! Now on to you:

    Totally awesome outfit. One of my favs- this is so inspirational!!! I find the same thing happens with outfits but totally loving this outfit :)

  6. I am totally in love with your shoes!!!

  7. I absolutely love this outfit. It's ironic that the hardest look to put together sometimes is the "effortless" casual look, but you're working it perfectly here!

  8. Adore the pants cuffed with the sandals - fab-u-lous!!! I tried to do a sandal like your girl's with my girl and she won't put up with something between her toes right now. She was the only girl in her class photo without a bow or clip in her hair. I try, I try and she jsut won't do it - lol!

  9. I like your whole outfit but I am officially in love with your shoes!! :)

    just found your blog and will follow..
    wanna check out my blog?? maybe you wanna see some photos from istanbul.. ;)


  10. Love that harem pant look. Hey, İ am finally catching up with my e-mail pile left since our cruise!! Juliet's sandals and her outfit is equally cute if not cuter than yours:)


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