Sunday, April 10, 2011

'Hop' in Style

My outfit on Saturday. It was suppose to be chilly so picked one of my thick outfits that uses pretty comfortable flat shoes for today's activities...

The inspiration came from the following chictopia post: 

I had all the similar items in my closet. What drew me to this was its coziness and the use of a hat of course...

So this stupid blouse's buttons kept popping open all morning exposing my animal print bra. I warned my son to tell me if it happens again so as soon as we got home he reported to his dad 'mommy's blouse opens all the time daddy'. Lovely! I had to button up the cardi until we got home and used 4 safety pins for the afternoon!

This cardi is a F21 purchase a few years ago. I love its chunky coziness and the faux fur trimmed hood.
The dark rinse skinnies are from H&M. They have very little spandex in them so they stay put. I cuffed them for this outfit to expose more of the rugged boots.

The blue earings pick that subtle hint of blue flowers on the blouse. They were thread show purchase last year.

Blouse, Cardigan, Hat - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Steve Madden
Earings & Ring - Thread Show

P.S. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE 'INSPIRATION MONDAY' and the 'EVERY BODY EVERY WEAR - MAXI SKIRT' challanges coming up Monday and Tuesday. Click on the buttons on the right side of the blog for more info...

SATURDAY's ACTIVITIES: Full day today. My husband took our daughter to her gym class than out to lunch just father daughter. I took our son to see the movie 'Hop'. I have to frequently tell him what is going on to keep his interest going but he loves when they have music and of course the pop cor and the candy. I just love hanging out with him. That kid and I we are two peas in a pod. Total kindred spirits. We get each other so much that it is scary. After the movie we had gyro's for lunch his favorite. Of course he did not nap though but as usual stayed in his room and read and played during his 'quiet time'. As soon as my daughter woke up we got them dressed and out the door to meet 3 other couples and their kids at the zoo for a big playdate. We covered the utmost minimum ground in the huge zoo but that was OK. The kids enjoyed playing together and running and chasing more than actually looking at any animals. Realizing taking this group to a restaurant would be a disaster we decided to order pizzas and head to our friend's house to eat there. More crazy playing from the kids but regardless of the chaos all around us we enjoyed each other's company and hanging out. Kids crashed hard at night.

In front of the 'Hop' display at the movie theaters:

This was my son yesterday eating noodles at the Vietnamese restaurant. He wanted me to take the photo 


  1. Cute outfit! The hat is my favorite part. And oh my, your son is too adorable!!

  2. Kids are too funny! Sounds like you are a good sport though. I assume that I don't have to wear a maxi skirt next week?

  3. Lovely kid eating his noodles ! I love your cardigan and your shoes ! I hope F21 will open a shop in France soon !

  4. I am here from the boost your blog hop. You look darling and your outfit is so much like the inspiration one...lovely, just lovely.

  5. This outfit is great, and you perfectly nailed the inspiration shot. I really want to see HOP it looks so cute!

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  6. Adorable post. I love your outfit especially the hat..I want to see Hop so badly! Hope you had a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo

  7. The outfit is very cool. your boots are 'SUPER' and everything looks really cool together.
    I have been in the mood for dark jeans lately, they always look good.

  8. That sweater looks so cozy chic and I love how you paired it with the pattern blouse and that great hat. Kids just have no son goes around telling people "my mommy has fake boobies"!

  9. i love this look!!! you look amazing :)

  10. Great post & great blog! I am looking to grow my readership and was wondering if you'd like to follow each other (if you like my blog of course). Let me know! x

  11. i like this outfit. i have similar boots (well, more like the ones in the inspiration photo) that i need to make use of, so thanks for the inspiration!
    btw - my outfit was from late sunday...didn't have time to post. i don't get to wear those super short shorts to work!


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