Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red Coat

This was a last minute decision outfit today. To tell you the truth I am not at all crazy about it but like I always say you can't love your outfit everyday. The inspiration to button up a coat like a top came from the following photo in the Anthropologie catalog back in Fall. 

I thought a fuller skirt would look cool undernath. And tights since it is cold.

Figured the animal print flats would add some interest. If I had time or cared enough I could have tried different shoes to see if looked better, but just didn't care today. I also switched to ugg boots in the afternoon cause it is really cold!

Not sure when I will be doing photos outside again... With the backyard remodel, that part is outof the question but also the front is now out of commission with workers all around and I feel weird taking my own photos with bunch of construction guys probably thinking I am crazy. So the indoor photos for a while... 

My son is so excited because some desperate mother put coins in one of the easter eggs he collected yesterday. He thinks this 13 cents of his is enough to buy himself a DVD from Best Buy. I gave him more change and put it all inside this heart shaped box. He will go this weekend with his dad. It is all he talks about and he constantly counts the money.

Red Peacoat - Thrifted Forever 21
Denim a-line skirt - Charlotte Russe
Olive striped top - Forever 21
Animal print ballet flats - Enzo

Today's Activities: I thought I was being prepared after freezing at the park yesterday by dressing all of us in warmer clothes but today was even colder and I froze to death at the park. The kids kept on their thick jacket/sweater on even with all that running. The sun never came. You have to understand in San Diego that is just very very unusual. And we are expecting weather in the 80s this weekend apparently. That is how it fluctuates. Anyway, today, the indoor class met at a park as a field trip so we can do the egg hunt outdoors. Kids enjoyed playing at the park and the egg hunt.
We will be heading to the indoor play place in the afternoon as my daughter is signed up for a princess tea party. Photos of that will have to be tomorrow.

 Enjoying a healthy snack before the egg hunt and the candy...

The sock bunnies kids made as part of their art project today. So cute!

Waiting for the egg hunt to start. Teacher gave them egg crates so they collect exacly a dozen eggs!

Notice Trev hugging (or choking) Juliet...

Yum, yum, enjoying the treats in the eggs...Total sugar rush, nice right before lunch and nap!

Tried tiny side braids on my daughter's hair today. Her hair is long enough now to experiment some new hair styles. I am excited. Of course, not so easy to do with a constantly moving head but I will try...


  1. Isn't it so cute how kids get excited over the smallest amount of money? :) I love the jacket - it's so chic and versatile!

    Yea - my mommy group is now over 500 moms - it's huge!!! :)

  2. I think the jacket is great, even if you didn't like the outfit. Mmmmm chocolate fix. ;)

  3. Lovely outfit, very stylish !

  4. I love the pop of red together with the animal print flats. The Gray and black does a perfect complement to the shoes and blazer. Just unexpected and cute!

  5. I agree with the other comments... I think this outfit is really cute!
    I understand your weather comments too. :) We are having quite a lot of fluctuations in the temperature right now. Soon enough it will be super hot though, and we will all be whinig about that. ;)

  6. Love that skirt - such a cute outfit! I'm part of a moms group, but we never do anything like this - sad to say. Your kiddos are so adorable, my girl will not allow me to put one clip or anything else in her hair - drives me nuts :o)

  7. i'm having a total week of not loving my outfits, lol! love the red jacket and the animal print flats, though! those sock bunnies are so cute...what did you guys fill them with? good idea with the crates and collecting only 12. i should implement that system this easter!


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