Monday, May 9, 2011

Bee Inspired

This was my outfit Saturday night! I am totally behind in posts as I had a great but jam packed weekend. So hoping to catch-up one outfit at a time I guess...

This combo was inspired for the every so stylish Bee from Atlantic Pacific which you all know I am certain...

I am not as brave as her pulling off a high bun so I went with  my norma hair style and no glasses...

Although I also have a closed toe platforms like hers I decided to go with my open toe ones due to season and I had just gottan a pedicure!
The weather was definitely chilly enough to wear the faux fur collar trim without it looking weird in May.

Like Bee I went with the red patent belt which blends in but adds a bit of shine. Then loaded up on baubles with pearls and silver rhinestones on both wrists and fingers and the pin that holds the scarf...
The patent leather clutch is just a perfect blending in purse that does not take away from the outfit.  

Photos taken on our freshly drying concerete... 

My  husband tries to catch some action shots... 

This outfit was perfect as it was still somewhat casual with red jeans but dressy enough with accessories to be suitable for a couples date night dinner.

Satin Blouse & Red Capri Jeans - Forever 21
Belt - thrifted
Faux fur collar - from Victoria's secret shrug
Platforms - Aldo (from Zappos)
Clutch - Express
Bracelets - some from Forever 21, some from Tiffany's

Saturday's Activities: It wasn overcast day and as my husband with my step dad on researching fake grass surfacing for our play area, I took the kids to Sea World by myself. It was fun hanging out just the 3 of us.
After naps my husband took them to my mom and step dad's while I got a mani and pedi then got ready for our couples date night!

Had a really nice dinner where they cook it all in front of you on a hot grill. These places are fun with a big group like ours. The funny thing is we had a nice long dinner and had a great time and when we finished we all had to laugh cause it was only 8:45 PM! We realized no way could we end the night that early and it would be pathetic. So we started an adventure of trying to find a bar near by which was not a bar neighbrhood. Needless to say it was quite a fun night!

Here are some photos from early in the night:

Just the girls...

In front of the restaurant... 


  1. Very cute outfit. It has pizzazz and style.

  2. I am seeing those red jeans everywhere! I love how you dressed them up! And now you're making me want Hibachi!!

  3. You are so much more brave than I am. I'm terrified to take even my one child to SeaWorld alone. I don't know how you'd do it with two!

    You look incredible - what a fun date night! Now I want Kobe!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. looking hot, mama! red + white + black is always a winner in my book. fabulous shoes, by the way! so nice you get to meet up with, you know, adult types, haha! i haven't had a girls night in a while...

  5. İ love the whole look and the colors are great together. Those shoes are incredible. You would have look great and sexy in a high bun but down looks good too. İ also want to mention that your walking pictures are looking very professional and cute:)

  6. Oh what a great outfit! You definitely grabbed the whole look from the other picture you posted.
    Doesn't it feel good when you know you got style
    XO Carrie

  7. You replicated the outfit so well! You're a lot braver than me kudos! Loving your blog :)

  8. I love that you're wearing faux fur :) And I love those red pants. I couldn't pull them off but they look fab on you!

  9. Great outfit! I'm a new follower. I'll be back soon.

  10. This Atlantic Pacific girl keeps popping up everywhere ....I need to go check out her blog..her style from what I can tell is RIDICULOUSLY fabulous.
    You look the red pants:)

    and you should TOTALLY go for it and start your business-I have been in retail for over 10 years- so after my sons birth my clients were still calling me for outfit advice (even tho I was at home and not working for a boutique any longer) and the personal shopping/styling just organically grew from those phone calls- if you have support from family and friends you will be successful- It is such a referral based business...everyone I am working w right now is a friend of a friend ...If you love to organize like I love to shop and style- you will be a success. Sorry for the loooong comment.

  11. did a great interpretation of the outfit and I like yours better. You look great! I like the fur detail. Sounds like a great that a Japanese steakhouse? I love those. The last guy we had cooking was very entertaining. On another note, I am spreading the blog love this morning. In my post today, I added your blog to my list of Fifteen Beautiful Blogs that are receiving the One Lovely Blog Award. I want to introduce my readers to some blogs that I think are beautiful. Thank you for having a lovely blog and now you get to spread the love! Debbie

  12. I lovelovelove the red pants and the fur detail on the jacket. You have an amazing ability at fashion interpretation.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. This outfit is identical to inspiration outfit.... You did a great job and I love the way you look. Although Bee's shoes are beautiful, I think I would have choose yours.
    What a nice look, she has great outfits.

  14. wovvv again great job, so amazing how you imitate.
    you look so so elegant.
    esp I loved your red pants so much :)


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