Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

This was my outfit on Sunday, Mother's Day!

I am having a 'Bee' weekend cuase this is another one inspired by the every so admired Bee from Atlantic Pacific: 

I was going to wear my socks OTK too but then opted this way. These bottoms look like a mini skirt but they are actually shorts! Skort I guess you can call them.

I went with this bubble gum pink scarf but wait till you see what my little sister bought me for Mother's day! Goes soooo much better with this outfit!

Since my khaki trench coat has been gone missing mysteriously. I have acquired this new one. I loved it is ruffle back. So unique and cute I thought... 

I rarely use this bag but when I do it is such a cute addition to an outfit... I had bought it years ago from TJ  Maxx... 

Photos taken at the hotel we went for spa treatments that morning... 

Cream cotton top - Target
Trench Coat & Purse - Guess
Skort & Scarf - Forever 21
Socks - Jessica Simpson (TJ Maxx)
Wedges -  Victoria's Secret

Sunday's Activities: It was such a relaxing Mother's Day on Sunday. The only part is I never saw my kids that day but after a few years of being a mother.  A break on Mother's Day is all I wanted.
Managed to pack for the day, iron my shorts, pack my mom's mother's day gifts and book and buy movie tickets all before leaving the house at 9:15 AM after a very late night!
Met the girls at the spa for some amazing relaxing time. I had a facial while they got massages and then we lounged in the steam room and jacuzzi. Since we had planned even though it was cold and somewhat drizzling at times we did lounge by the pool (never took off our robes and used the towels as blankets) but my goodness we were determined to stick to plan. Ordered bloddy mary's and ate lunch then had more steam room before showering and getting ready.
I met my mom and sister at a ceramic cafe. We painted cook items as we chatted and laughed until the place closed. Then had a nice dinner. My sister went home and my mom and I went to see 'something barrowed'.
It was a loooong day but very fun and relaxing...

Here we are the Ceramic Cafe painting away...

I painted a hand mirror, my mom a bud vase and my sister a deviled egg plate (her speciality)...

The back side of our masterpieces. Can't wait to see how they are going to come out when fired...

The gift bag I chose for my mom matched so nicely to the card she chose for me! 

And check out the Anthropologie necklace scarf my sister bought me! I had been lusting over this since it was pictured on the cover of their latest catalog... 

Doesn't it just go perfect? 


  1. Such a great look! I absolutely love that first picture.

  2. what a cute outfit! :)
    I love your trench, it's adorable!


  3. You look too cute honey!!! Loving your coat! Kori xoxo

  4. looks like you had a really fun day! and the outfit is awesome! the skort, the scarf... love it all! And happy belated mother's day, you seem like an amazing mom as well as a fashionable one!

  5. i love your trench and those wedges! and what a nice gift from your sister. that scarf necklace is so pretty! happy belated mother's day!

  6. Love the bubble gum pink scarf and your mama/daugthers activity looks so fun!

  7. love your trench and scarf..you look so pretty :)
    happy mother's day honey

  8. Very cute! You're so stylish.

  9. gawd, woman...you SERIOUSLY have evvvrything! i can't say it enough, lol! love the look...the trench is really cute! looks like a very enjoyable girls day. cute idea at the pottery place. your mom looks like one of the sisters.


  10. Loving that trench! So great!

  11. What a lovely way to celebrate Mother's day! Love the first outfit, great inspiration those shorts look fab on you!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  12. yes, it was a perfectly fun mother's day full of activities with all my favorite people in it. Loved your outfit great trench and shoes. And yes your new scarf is wonderful. We should make more combo's like it:) Thanks for all my wonderful gifts and can't wait till we get the pottery back.


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