Friday, May 13, 2011

Feathers and Owls

With Blogger down of course we are all behind posts and reading-up on each other's...
This was my outfit yesterday (Thursday).
It was inspired from the following photo in
In Style May 2011 issue: 

I really love this dress. I call it 'slip dress'. Purchased it more to layer under other dresses for that peeking out effect but it is fully lined and has even pockets so therefore can be worn on its own...

I liked this combo cause it is so wearable for my crazy day with the kids. The shrug is perfect layering and these flat lace up rugged boots are soooo comfy.

It needed something though so layered the feather and owl charm neclaces which are both this tarnished bronze colors which was perfect... And added a simple muted gold resin cuff... 

Tried to take photos in this spot first but it was too shadowy... 

Then posed in front of the poles but each there was one of my kids sitting behind me... 

Finally Alone... 

Slip Dress - Mango
Shrug - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Feather Necklace - Thread Show
Owl Charm Necklace - Forever 21
Cuff - Charlotte Russe
Purse - Solaris from Thread Show

Thursday's Activities: Went to the swim class this morning, then the kids against insisted that we go out to eat  gyro's (Doner as they call it in Turkish) for lunch. They love it so much that they sit perfectly at the restaurant and eat it all up. Towards the end of their nap my mom and step dad came over so I could go to my Dad's Dr. Appt. After his appt we had a very nice dinner at PF Changs. We never get to hang out alone and with kids it is hard to carry on a meaningful conversation so it was nice to just be the two of us. Afterwards I went to my parents to pick up the kids.

Here is a photo of the pool after the quartz re-surface was poured and acid washed:

The step trim tiles... 

Here is my daughter on Wednesday ready in her tutu for the tea party: 

At the "Mommy and Me" tea party with her friend Juliana... 


  1. your dress is super cute!


  2. Very cute dress. I missed reading your blog during The Blogger Outage Of 2011.

  3. Cool outfit! the dress is beautiful and I love the way it looks with the boots and.... I L-O-V-E-D that cuff!
    really cute and relax look.

  4. i love these white dresses...and i love them with boho type accessories like feathers, too! i just went to pf changs the other nite, too!

  5. İ love the look of dress and those boots on you but on me it would be horrible:) Love the necklace and cuff. Your poses are cute but Juliet s is cuter!! İ love her pose and her hair-do so adorable.

  6. i love your boots! :) and your mini me is such a cutie in her tutu! :) following you now :) xoxo Cheryl

  7. oh this is a great outfit on the feathers and owl...great look. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes...and that pool....when is the party??

  8. So glad I found your blog! Love love the look, contrast of militar and crispy white, the feathered necklace was the cutest finishing touch!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries


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