Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Doll Dress Up with Fashion Momma

This outfit was put together by Kimberly from Fashion Momma as part of the
Paper Doll Project by Miss Vinyl Ahoy blog!
To Learn more about the challange please click HERE!

And I had the privilage of styling her in this lovely dress: 
She told me she would like to wear this dress for her last day of work. We sort of did this literally last minute so not much time to go through everything we owned or discuss possibilities. I did see her use this necklace, belt combo in another post and thought it would be great pop up color with this dress.
To see her full post please click HERE!

I gave her the photo of the skirt on the left.
The skirt on the left is from Saks Fifth Avenue. The one on the right is mine from Forever 21. 
Can you see how similar it is with you know a few hundred dollars in price difference of course!

Kimberly chose a white tee (tucked in) with a chambray shirt (open and untucked) on top. She told me use a brown, black or cream woven belt. I figured this tan color one kind of does the job. She also told me to wear my gold flats which I did but for the photos I went with my brown wooden platforms. The skirt is quite long so with heels it is easier to wear. I had to pretty much hold it up when wearing flats.

The skirt comes with a built in attached biker shorts so you don't need to wear anything else. I love how even though it is maxi it looks sexy due to its sheerness and yet very easy to wear even with kids! 

My other denim shirt is at the cleaners so I pulled this old one out of my son's closet. It is thick denim and size medium so quite baggy but works great as a jacket... 

It was fun dressing each other up. Next time I will definitely try to get in touch and work on this a few days in advance and not last minute... 

White Tee - Express (from a Bazaar in Turkey for $1)
Denim Shirt - J Crew
Skirt, Shoes and Platforms - Forever 21

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Today's Activities: Preschool this morning and going to indoor play area for some 'mommy and me' tea party time with my daughter. Trying to call the contractors to get the final stuff done...


  1. SO fun! I love what you did with Kim's dress and I LOVE the chambray with the leopard print! You look great!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. how fun! you guys did a great job! love the styling of both outfits. cheers!

  3. Both of you did a great job styling! love that sheer skirt, very hot! Love Kim's dress and the accents are perfect for that pop of color! A+
    XO Carrie

  4. Cok guzel bir fikir. Gercekten zevkli olmali. Ikinizinki de harika olmus.

  5. Hi there! I hopped on over here from your What I Wore link up :)

    Cute outfits!

  6. OH. EM. GEE. you gotta be freakin kidding me...i'm wearing the exact SAME outfit today, hahahaha. my post will be up later today. well, so obviously i love your outfit!

  7. oh, and i can judge how tall you are by the length of your skirt! even with my sky high danys, my skirt practically drags on the ground, lol!

  8. Cute shoes and skirt. Also the oversized shirt is adorable!

  9. I stuttered,,,and and

  10. Love how you look in this outfit...very chic and and bohemian...suits you very nicely. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xox

  11. Love your new sheer skirt and looks great with denim. Kim's outfit looks amazing also. Missed you and the kids very much already. İ was busy working last two days and today İ nailed a 5000 dollar sale and went to aytunc and nadia for dinner!

  12. this is so much fun! love the outfit! and love the outfit you styled. really wanted those platforms you got but they never had them when i went to F21. that skirt is fabulous!

  13. YOU LOOK GREAT!! seriously love this outfit. I came across a similar skirt and did not pay much attention to it but now that I see how pretty and sexy it looks on you I want to give it a try.
    your shoes are fantastic as well.

  14. That belt really does add a pop of color to her outfit and I love your skirt!

  15. her her her giydiğinize ayrı ayrı bayıldım, müthiş olmuş<3 izmirden sevgilerrrr:)

  16. I am in LOVE with that skirt that you are wearing. I saw this on the Saks website and instantly fell for it. You pull off the look really well, and the styling you did is also amazing. You both look great!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  17. I love your skirt! I saw it before and did not pay much attention to it but seeing it on you I LOVE it. Lovely shoes as well.


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