Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Carrie Fabulous

Today's outfit was inspired by the amazingly talented Carrie from Carrie Fabulous blog. She creates the most amazing polyvore sets. They are not only so pretty visually but also very creative and the items are very affordable too! I have been saving so many of her creations for outfit inspirations. So happy to be wearing one of them for the firs time... 
This set is her No. 53. I took the flared jeans with a babydoll top and cowboy hat and brown platforms as my key pieces from this set. 

This babydoll top was an Anthropologie clearance purchase soooo many years ago from LA when we didn't even have an Anthropologie store in San Diego. To add to the bohemian look I put on the ostricth feather headband so the feathers will show through the hat. 

This hat is from NEXT which is a site I found through another blog and ordered two hats a few months ago. Wearing this for the first time. I love that it is quite un exagerated and it has wire on the ends so easy to shape to however you like it to be. Also has this fun trim around too.

These jeans are again very old hence now that the flare is in they are totally back in style...Although they are not as extereme flare as I would like them to have but oh well...

Had some fun with the tripod and took photos in all 4 corners of my bedroom deck... 

An an action pose (walking)... 

To the playground for the outdoor class of course I switched out of these wood platforms into my new flat sandals... 

These gladiator style sandals are going to be super under shorts and skirts but for today they are covered uner the jeans... 

Top - Anthropologie
Tank - from Turkey
Jeans - Citizens
Hat - Next
Wood Platforms & Feather head band - Forever 21
Flat sandals - Victoria's Secret

Today's Activities: Went to the outdoor class this morning. At first we were all so happy the weather was warming and the sun was up. Then it got quite windy and chilly actually and I even had to put away my hat as it wouldn't stay on.
During the kids nap I saved all their preschool photos from the past year into a flash drive.
After naps we ran some art project errands. First went to the CVS to print all the photos I have saved. Then bought a binder and some cute computer paper to use as a background and other stuff.
Tonight I am working on putting together all their photos into a binder scrapbook style. I might not be very crafty but one thing I do is not only take lots of photos but I organize, share upload and download my photos and create photo books. I love scrapbooking but have only done two (one for each kid). I used to print all my photos and put them in albums with titles but that was taking sooo much space. So now I decided to create a photo book for the whole year. The books end up costing quite a lot due to the fact that I have to add so many pages than the standard but at least they take so little space and I can use many different layouts.
Anyway, back to my point is that I decided to make an album of all the photos we have taken this past year during their preschool activities and put it in the same binder as their hand made alphabet book and the class roster. Lets see how it comes out... Once again of course I have created projects that did not need to be created but what can I say...


  1. Cannot believe you hide these sandals under jeans! Just kidding :) Love your outfit, as always!
    And thats why you and your blog receive an Award! Come pick it up, its all yours!!!
    Marusya V

  2. can't wait to see those shoes with shorts! i have made several books using - thru walmart and snapfish. those are great. also, as family photographer (lol), i started making a photo album as a gift to the family of all the best of the year pics. i used to print them all, too, but storage was an issue!


  3. Love, love, LOVE the peacock feather headband! It is so cute! This outfit is adorable. I almost freaked out when I saw how high your gladiator sandals went up. That's awesome! Haha! ;)

  4. Both of your sandals are beautiful.
    Can't imagine how beautiful those flat gladiators look with shorts.


  5. Adorable look!!!

  6. Hi,

    I just stumbled across your blog at random! I love your look here- from the hat to the feathers to the shoes. The shoes are BEYOND gorgeous. I love how the straps reach so high!!! :)


  7. OK..that hat is AWESOME! I am totally going to visit that site. I am more of a sunhat girl but would love a fabulous cowgirl inspired hat...SO cute.
    Those sandals are going to be amazing with cut off shorts... I have already created the outfit in my head, lol.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your kind words and blog award...you are too sweet:) I just recently posted for one of those awards I received a few weeks back..but I will see if I can work it into the rotation. Thanks again for thinking of me.


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