Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fenced In

This was my outfit tonight going to a b-day dinner with the girls. 
The inspiration came from the following b/w photo in a magazine which I forgot to note the name of...
I liked who she played down the animal print dress with utility style jackets and the thin scarf big layered bracelets, fringe purse and fringe earings. 
My mom brought this dress from their cruise to Mexico a couple of months ago. It is actually a very simple and comfy sun dress. The print makes it dressier.
For accessories I added the brown and gold cuffs on both wrists. The right one is just one cuff that looks like multiple. The one on the right is using pieces from two different sets. I have been really enlarging my cuff collection and it is so much fun to pile them on. Thank goodness for F21 prices.
The beaded fringe earings are the prefect look, but the color does not go all that great but I didn't care.

 I could worn my brown wood platforms which also looked great but wanted to add some interest with the cream wedges instead. These shoes make a statement all on their own!

This fringe purse is ancient but is in great shape. 
  The crochet scarf is very very old. I have it in dusty pink and cream color as well. Bought them when long thin scarves were in style.
Need to get some sun (or self tanner) on those legs!

Dress - gift from Mexico
Utility shirt worn like a jacket - Gap
Scarf, bracelet, belt and earings - Forever 21
Wedges - Marshalls
Purse - Guess

Today's Activities: Spent the bulk of the day in a sweat pant suit as I took the kids to swim class. Then bargained with my son that today we were going to come back home for lunch and do our traditional gyro lunch out. He was fine. He is always fine as long as you give him plenty of advance notice and lots of explanation. Today at swim class they jumped in fully clothed and practiced swimming to the wall. It was a great practice. I dressed them in PJs after swim class so they can go straight to naps after lunch at home. Had to have a whole discussion with my son why PJs were being worn outside the house. I don't think I can ever stop talking when I am with him. The questions never end.
I cooked dinner while they napped and printed sample photos of scooby doo cakes. My mom and aunt came over when the kids woke up and I left them at home and did my marathon grocery shopping. First the grocery store than costco. Ordered the b-day cake and cupcakes. Yes, I am not one of those mom's who can whip up amazing made from scratch b-day cakes. But that is OK. I know my strengths and that is just not one of them. I did order all the cake and cupcake toppers in advance though cause planning is definitely my strong suit.
Of course buying all the stuff is just part of the process. Then coming home and unloading and putting them all away is a whole process in itself. I must have done 20 trips to and back from the car! So next time someone asks how I stay thin without stepping foot in a gym I have to remember to relay this afternoon.
Once everything was put away and my husband came I could shower and get dressed and even had time to take photos and clean-up dinner dishes etc...
Had a fun b-day dinner for my girlfriend. I know I say it all the time but I can't reiterate enough how refreshed I feel after just couple hours of laughing and dishing out and absolutely no kid talk! As a SAHM that does not work I spend 24 hours talking to kids, talking about kids or thinking about kids. That little break just feels so amazingly refreshing!


  1. You look so amazing! I love your fabulous dress and wedges!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment:)


  2. Great idea for an outfit, beautifully executed. And you accessorize better than anyone I know.

  3. I love the animal print dress. what a great gift and your wedges are fabulous. I found you through Shybiker. So glad to find yet another amazing blogger.


  4. what a great blog! if you could stop by mine i REALLY need your help with the most recent blog post. I'd really apprieciate your help! :)

    follow me?

  5. Your earrings totally go because everything else you're wearing is neutral (yes animal print is a neutral...yay!!)
    I love this outfit...your shoes are so perfect!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  6. Gorgeous dress!! I love how you styled it with thin belt.
    Looking sexy.

  7. Cok hos gorunuyorsun Defne'cim, cok begendim bu kombinini. Pozlar da harika olmus. Nasil bu resimlerdeki ayni seyleri buluyorsun hayret ediyorum gercekten. Ya da senin kiyafetlerinle ayni resimleri nasil buluyorsun mu desem? Süpersin :)

  8. The dress looks fabulous with all the well chosen accessories and loved all the poses. İ love how you appreciate and make it 100% more beautiful of all the gifts İ give you. Of course as you might well suspected Buket's dress gift has come back to me. İ don'T know what to buy for her ever that she would love!but somehow keep trying:)


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