Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmer's Market

Wore this fun and colorful outfit to Sea World today. The inspiration came from the following photo in the Lucky magazine's April 2011 issue: 

I liked the pairing of the boucle blazer and the jeans and the beaded necklace... 

I added the hat cause I thought it just went with these unusual mix of prints and styles and colors... 

Love my stepdad taking thephotos. I wish he could do it everyday. He directs and leads and gives feedback! 

 I rarely get to wear these long red bead but today it kind of worked...

These sneaker wedges were totally comfortable at Sea World today... 

Again my stepdad's idea to pose in front of these flowers... 

Boucle Blazer - part of an Ann Taylor suit
Green striped tee - thrifted
thin jeans - from Turkey LC Waikiki (I always forget the spelling!)
Sneaker wedges - Roxy
Belt, hat, necklace - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Sea World this morning with both kids. My stepdad met us in the parking lot so we can go in together. My mom and aunt met us a little while later. The shamu viewing is open again and it was great watching them so active up and close. After dolphin show, playing at bay of play and some more animal exhibits we came back home for naps. Decided it ride out the afternoon at home. Heated our hot tub for the first time and let our son take the first plunge into the newly re-surfaced pool first! Kids loved swimming with Daddy. We then did art all together and puzzles. It was nice hanging out just the 4 of us.

With the kids at Sea World 


  1. what a cute outfit! I love the colours of the striped shirt :)

    where do you live defne? in florida? I have been to florida once and went to sea world too, it was amazing! :)))

    I am the mother of twins btw, I read somewhere that you were curious :)


  2. great look. i love the richness of that green/black striped top + the red beads. i love that your stepdad helps with the cute! the one time i asked my mom, it was too much work! i'd rather do it myself, haha.

  3. Your children are adorable :)

  4. Sweet! I love stripes and straw hats :)
    Have a lovely week!

  5. so SJP! love it

  6. I LOVE the blazer! And the striped shirt! However, I'm not brave enough to attempt wearing them together.

    We love Sea World! Sounds like a great day :)

  7. Again, I love your outfit much more than the inspiration. Hehe. ;)

    Those big chunky red beads are adorable! I also think the hat adds the perfect touch! xo

  8. love the necklace!

  9. Great outfit, I really like that jacket :)

  10. If I run into you on the street, I would (FOR SURE) stop you for a picture of this outfit To post on 'styles To Steal'.
    I love the mix of patterns and how the blazer brings all the 'chic' to the casual look.
    BTW your step-dad is a very good art director, pictures are came out really cool.

  11. Whoa! Your wild mix of colors and prints has my brain spinning like a top!

  12. LOVE the mixing of colors and prints here!!!

  13. love EVERYTHING about this outfit! that jacket is fabulous. you really worked with it to make it look so stylish. and love the way you mixed up patterns. and that red necklace is the perfect pop of color. flawless!

  14. bu model şapkaları çok beğeniyorum ama bana yakışmıyor,ama sana çok yakışmış ve kombinle uyumlu olmuş :)

  15. look how cute you look and it looks like you and the kiddies had a great time!
    You should make a point to wear the red beads more often...they are awesome!


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