Sunday, May 22, 2011

Family BBQ

This was my outfit today! First I was going to wear an outfit with shorts. Then it was so chilly in the morning that I switched to this from the fall list. Of course midday it got super duper hot but I knew by afternoon it would cool again so did not change and stuck to it.

The inspiration came from the following photo in the April 2011 issue of People Style Watch: 

I layed my neon tank and chartuse shrug on top of each other to get the look.  

This is 100% cashmere shrug I found on a clearance rack in Charlotte Russe for $10. They had couple other colors but this was the most interesting one.
This scarf was a gift from my cousin while we were in Turkey. It has beautiful black and black rose stiching print and goergous fringe. 

I love the layers and layers of bracelets in the photo so I created my own version with the ones I had collected last season. Kept them all on one arm and the new big leopard ring on the other. 

These heels are very old. I found them on clearance for $15 at Marshalls one night years ago. 

Chartuse Cashmere Shrug - Charlotte Russe
Tank - Forever 21
Pants - Target
Scarf - From Turkey
Bracelets & Ring - Charlotte Russe and Forever 21
Heels - Steve Madden

Today's Activities: The super busy day as I promised yesterday. Started with a great breakfast my son and hubby picked up from a local restaurant. It is their 'Saturday' tradition to go buy breakfast together and my son loves to go in his PJs with just a jacket and shoes. They usually get bagels and sometimes doughnuts and today was eggs, bacon and french toast.
I also attempted to apply a brazilian blowout treatment at home by myself this morning. Bought the solution a few weeks ago at the drug store. It is their brand and it is organic and supposed to last 30 shampoos. And guess what instead of $300 it costs $30! Since I had the first one at a salon I knew how it works. I did the blow drying in the main part of my room opened the huge sliding deck door open and turned on a floor fan at a high speed. Did not smell the chemical at all with all that ventilation. At the salon it was burning my eyes I remember. The instructions for this take home kis states though that it will remain in my hair for 48 hours! So I kind of feel yucky now but my hair looks somewhat good at least. I get to wash it off Monday morning!
So of course it took me longer that I calculated and I barely made it to my daughter's gym class where my aunt joined us so she can watch. Afterwards went to a 4 yr old b-day party.
At home prep'd for the BBQ. My parents came and my step dad brought his tools so we can hang the decorations I had been collecting in a bin for years now...

Check some of them out:
Most are from Turkey hence the evil eyes! We beleive these protect you from the 'evil eye' which is why i think they are called this in English.  

Rest of the family arrived. My nephew who is almost 2 mos old was sleeping in my arms... 

With my Brother (who is working all weekend long, hence the uniform) and my SIL...  
At some point in the night we had 9 people on our family room couch. I don't think we have ever had this many people sit on this couch ever!
From left to right: My husband, son, sister, sister's b, Dad, Mom, daughter, my step dad holding my nephew...And this is not even all of them as my distant cousin, his girlfriend, my brother, SIL and my aunt were outside! This is just the family in this city!


  1. Love it İ am first to comment!!! İt was a great party and yes İ was amazed you were in this outfit including the shoes the whole time. İ loved the scarf on yellow and those bangles were very cute. Your garden and backyard hardscape looks wonderful now and as we say in turkish Gule gule kullanin meaning use it with a lot of laughter. The food was delicious and your hair looked great but İ was afraid to touch it yet:)

  2. i love all the jewelry here! i need to beef up my bracelet collection, but it's just hard to find smaller ones that fit my wrists!

    i'm sure the BBQ was a lot of work, but i just love getting together with family. our immediate family consists of 12, so that is the minimum we prep for for every holiday/bday/occasion/get together!

  3. I always enjoy watching your photos. Happy family and beautiful children.
    You look pretty close the same to that woman in the magazine.
    Great job, Mommy!

  4. Fabulous look. Very chic and creative. And, even better, I love how happy you appear!

  5. You look so great with skinny trousers ! I love all the bracelets together !

  6. Great look. I need to got to Turkey one of this days. You always show the cutest items and they are always from Turkey, like that black scarf, I love every detail of it.
    That Shrug, in that color and at that price is a fantastic find.
    Nice family pictures, I love them, thanks for sharing.

  7. I love your look! those pants are fab. its so tough to find the perfect skinny pants!

  8. Can't wait to see the final results of the blow-out! Love how you channeled that look, too!


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