Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Casual Katie

Very simple and somewhat boring (for me anyway) outfit today but worked out perfectly for the things I had on my plate so I am soooo glad it was not a dressy one this Monday.

So once again this is Inspiration Monday hosted by Two Birds.
Today's outfit was of Katie Holmes'... 

Ok, so I was pretty amazed myself how I had almost identical pieces. Once again I know. The roll will end soon I bet though. Probably next week...

So, this is just a grey tank but it has silver sequins on the straps which once again I forgot to take a photo of but if you can see the chaos that is my house you would understand. The navy cardi is semi-recent purchase from F21. I thought it was longer in sleeves and body but it wasn't so it matches Katie's even more.
The wedge sneakers were perfect under this very causal outfit I thought. You can't really see what she is wearing so I picked these myself. 

I also felt a more casual purse went better than her structured leather one. I first posed with this straw one then the navy canvas one. I think like the canvas one better.
Of course in reality I didn't use any of these since I only left the house for 10 minutes today. 

The thin wide leg jeans are last year's purchase from Turkey. I had liked their thin material and the wider leg style. And this year that is in style so yeay! 

Have you noticed I am wearing sunglasses while posing indoors!? Well for one I wanted to match Katie. For second, it was too early I had bags under my eyes so the sunglasses were perfect. 

Tank and Jeans from Turkey
Cardi - Forever 21
Straw purse - do not remember
Canvas purse - Coach
Wedge sneakers - Roxy

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Today's Activities: After coming home so late and a schedule of many contractors coming this morning plus a car that seems to be leaking oil I made the smart choice of skipping preschool this morning and staying home. But of course had to call in the reinforcements as soon as possible. Those would be my mom and step dad. Luckily they were not working today and could come to rescue!
But first I had to get the kids in the car just so I can drive down to the auto shop to pick up their driver to drive back to my house and unload the kids so he can take the car back to the shop! Yes, this would be the equivalent of 'dropping off a car' when you have two kids and a car seat law it becames a finely coordinated orchestra event it seems.
After that my parents came and took the kids to the beach so I can actually speak to the 2 different contractors without interruptions. After an hour of discussion and organization the schedule and game plan for the next two weeks have been finalized. I just need to keep on them to maintain that schedule.
The day past fast between 5 loads of laundry, unpacking and cleanning up more contractor discussions and power washing areas of the yard before tomorrow's first concerete pour.
My mom and stepdad left  in the afternoon to run their errands but came back before dinner and we all had a family dinner and they helped bath and get the kids to bed. I am exhausted but at least sitting so happy!

This was the nest of a tiny little bird we had to move briefly before power washing under our deck. My mom moved it of course. I was just going to go around it... 
Isn't it so pretty. The mother bird went a bit nuts when she couldn't find her nest. But after 10 minutes we were able to put it back and she has been sitting on her eggs since then. She no longer trusts us I am sure. I can't wait for the babies to come. So much for kids to watch. 

Ah, the awaited backyard progression photos...

All this re-bar was put on Saturday... 

Also had not shown you the brick outline they did around the pool and the new play area.  


  1. Wow, you did almost match Katie exactly! Those jeans from Turkey are so great. they look really comfy. Thank you for pointing me toward Inspiration Monday. really made it easier for me to find something to wear today :)

  2. Another great job with the Monday look! Those really are nice looking jeans. Also, I love the pictures of the bird's nest. I am so glad to hear she went back to sit on it again. So sweet!

  3. You really perfected the Katie look, so compfy and casual, even if you only left the house for 10 minutes, i know those days.

  4. Great job!
    You do this job very successfully.
    For some reason I always like yours than the real ones :)

  5. great job...i like your casual version! so is it my goal now to come up with something a bit "harder" for you??? =)

  6. no challenges seem to be a problem for you, you always have the right outfit! :) And this look is very relax and french chic, especially with the wicker bag, I can almost imagine you riding on a vespar to complete the look:)

    can't wait to see your pool completed..


  7. Love your navy cardi and the jeans. I bet you would look great in a high-waisted version too! Also love your big sunglasses...inside equals very celebrity also;-)

  8. I actually like your look better than Katie's! Pool is looking good :o)

  9. as soon as i saw this pic and read "katie" i knew it was katie look awesome!!! love it.

  10. You look fantastic! I love your jeans and wedge tennis shoes. So cute!


  11. It is amazing that you have part of Katie Holmes' wardrobe. I really hope it lasts long a week for you! You look super cute.

  12. Great outfit! Super close to Katie's look! Love your tie front pants....they looks so comfortable and classy all at once.
    XO Carrie

  13. Hi
    Those jeans are great and your top to toe look is spot on.
    Glad to see someone else is doing a revamp project. I am in the middle of a kitchen refurb this week and it's a huge mess but hopefully worth it. Hope you stop by and check out how it all turns out!
    Lori xo

  14. Hey you, thanks so much for the sweet comment, I'm honored to be your first non-fashion blog! I loved Katie in Dawson's creek, but now not so much...

    / Avy

  15. Gene aynısı olmuş hemen hemen. Hatta bence senin versiyonun daha iyi. Çanta ve ayakkabıyla hareket katmışsın. İki çantayla da güzel bence.

  16. Hi, I love the Katie outfit on you. Looks really nice and comfortable too. I like that you paired it with flat shoes because you can... and still look tall and slim. Then I saw the nest...that your mom removed and oh, tell her thank you. I love birds and that Robin's egg color is just gorgeous. I wonder if it was a Robin!! Anyway, I was going to get in on the white out but I had so much to do today... it was an insane day so I will join you next week. Another great outfit on you!!! Your house looks beautiful from what I can see!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  17. Love this Katie look and your shoes and purse is lovelier. The bird nest pictures came out great!İ am a daring person for sure:)


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