Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chili CookOff

My outfit on Sunday to the chili cook-off festival nort of Los Angeles while visiting my in-laws...

Yes, my son is in a lot of my shots, didn't have the heart to crop him out as he looks so cute showing me his winnings of this 'fishing' game.

I am also wearing the new lace boy shorts from F21 I bought just to wear under mini skirts for additioanl coverage. If we were not in such public place I would have lifted up the skirt a bit to show them... 

I really like this tunic lenght tee from H&M. The leather fringe necklace I think looks great... I wore sandals as it was very hot in LA today but I have also worn this outfit (just did not blog about it) with my slouchy suede boots which also looks great.

Tee - H&M
Denim mini - Closet
Sandals - Boutique 9 from zappos
Necklace - Bebe

Sunday's Activities: Visiting in-laws still north of LA. Had a rough night with the kids waking up every alternating half hour. My husband got up each time so he had it worst than I did. Went to a Chili Cook-off by 10 AM Sunday morning. They had a whole section of antique cars to view, over 30 chilie's to taste from and 3 big jumpy attractions for the kids. It was quite warm but we had a great time before returning to their house for naps.
After naps took them to their housing community pool for a swim which they loved. Then had dinner at a nice family Italian restaurant before changing them in PJs and driving home. Made great time on the road with no traffic but my daughter did not fall a sleep until 20 minutes home and 1.5 hour past her bedtime. Not sure how tomorrow is going to be...

Posing next to a pretty white antique car at the show...

Showing how they used to have meals delivered to the car in drive in movie theaters...

My daughter with her Grammie... 
Son in front of an old bug bus, which he called 'filmore' from CARs... 

I like this lime green one... 

Matches the sunglasses my son got from the prize goodie bag... 

Finally a photo of us together! We rarely get these as we are always giving each other the camera to take photos of the kids. My mother-in-law took this one... 


  1. oh that's such a cute look, from head to toe.. I also like your nail polish :)

    have a nice week!

  2. You look so so cute :)
    I loved your mini skirt and your sandals
    I guess it was an enjoyable sunday under the sun :))
    I hope it wasn' t too hot !!
    U know, I really love every photo of your kids :))

  3. cute outfit and I love your shoes!!!

  4. Love the necklace and the sandals. Very cute!

  5. Love the outfit! Great idea about the lace shorts under the mini!! I think I am going to try that. Totally loving the necklace... adds that bit of edge so the outfit looks a little rock and roll - perfect for a car show! Your little guy is SO CUTE! Cheers!

  6. That picture of the two of you is adorable!

    I really like that tee, too. I'm glad you had such a fun time!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  7. cool almost looks like it's part of the tee! sounds like a fun event...i like cars and probably would enjoy these once my boy is a little older.
    re: my mom's closet...all the great vintage stuff is long gone! and a few years ago we went thru the last of her jewelry. now that she's retired, not much in the closet that interests me!


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