Friday, May 6, 2011

Mint and Hunter... Green that is...

Today's outfit was inspired from the J Crew April Catalog... 

I like the idea of using pink and mint green over dark hunter green. 

I swear I had a crop v-neck mint green sweater too but couldn't find it. This I might have given it away as I haven't seen in a while otherwise it will be added to the list of random items missing from my closet. So, in its absence, settled on this mint green cardi. It was too tight to button up to so only buttoned top the give the effect and show the bib chain necklace... 

Trying a different corner of my bedroom for photos... 

This outfit allowed me to showcase my new 'cream summer booties' which are really wedges. These are the ones I got from Marshalls the other day. They are that cheap 'soda' brand but I really like the way they looked and they feel very comfy (and quite high)... They have that 'house of harlow' wedges I had liked at Victoria's Secret...

This is totally random and weird looking. I thought I would fit in the window but I obviously don't not in these wedges anyway, so before the tripod timer went off had to do something so stuck my head out. 

Cardi - Victoria's Secret
Plaid shirt & Necklace & belt - Forever 21
Pants - Bebe
Wedges - 'Soda' from Marshalls

Today's Activities: Lots going on this morning in our backyard as it is last day of conerete pour and landscaping. We left for the kids swim class then due to high demand from the kids had lunch out at their favorite greek restaurant. They love gyro's. I had to do contractor review during nap time and got in my photo shoot and then they woke up. Cooked while they were having snack. My husband came home early so I can leave with my friend to meet our other friends for 'National Mom's Night out Evet' at the mall hosted by an org called parent connection. It was cool. They had free food and drinks and lots of goodies from places like Kiehl's. We then hit a few stores in the mall but of course as it always happens when you are looking to buy something you find nothing. And I was fine with that. We had fun chatting and used our big coupons at CPK for a late night drink and snack before heading home!

Here is a group shot of us... 


  1. LOVE your wedges! such a great find! :)
    I can imagine lots of outfits you can make with them! :D

    have a wonderful weekend!

  2. cool shoes. they remind me of the JC wedges that i wanted so bad last year. never found them in my size, so got a similar pair from aldo. those will definitley be useful this spring & summer! great color combo. sounds like a fun event...i really need to get involved in more "parent" things!

  3. Your wedges look great.
    Good to here that they' re comfy ;)
    and I liked your pants also..
    With the help of a tripod those are such lovely poses :))
    my favorite pose is the one which your head stuck ;P

  4. I love how you mixed colors ! And I must say that you always have the most beautiful shoes of the world, these ones are wonderful, I want the same !

  5. New follower from the Friday Blog Hop! :)
    Jen @ My Secret Home

  6. love those pants good thing İ kept them when yo gave them to me! Love your new booties and the cardi looks great with those pant an unexpected match for me;)

  7. Love this outfit, so cool!!!Nice cargo pants and amazing wedges!!!
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. Wow, I love this outfit, and the shoes too of course. Fun look. Well done, Daphne.


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