Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Little Man

The craziness continues...Yesterday was my son's 4th Birthday Party. In the commotion of course I forgot to take outfit photos so you will have to settle for these random 3 poses I could find that kind of shows what I was wearing. 
 I kept things simple with wearing a shirt dress and brought all the focus on these super eye catching gladiator sandals. They zip up in the back so they are as easy as booting on boots. On my skinny calves they don't look as tight as they should but actually that makes it comfy and easy to move in. I am always in search of flat shoes that make a statement since I get so much more use out of them then heels.
This shirtdress was a Koton purchase from Turkey last year on sale. It is soft rayon like material and does not wrinkle easily. Snaps in front instead of buttons so very quick and easy to put on. The blush color is perfect base for any outfit and it has multiple pockets which I love. 
I switched the self belt with a cognac brown leather one and also wore a simple short gold charm necklace which you can't see... You can however see the brown, bone and gold bangles on my wrist. Kind of.
 Didn't even have time to style my hair or put any make-up. Cause on top running around like crazy starting a park party at 11 AM in the morning I was also super sick! At one point I remember my mom fluffing my hair like crazy and me telling her to stop but whatever she did looks good!
 Shirt Dress - Koton from Turkey
Brown Cardi - La Redoute Catalog
Belt - Limited
Gladiator flat sandals - Victoria's Secret
Necklace and bangles - Forever 21
Purse - H&M

Saturday's Activities: The day started in a flurry with me waking up totally sick and things needing to get done all at the same time. We opted for a morning party for my son so he can rest after and enjoy the gifts and family in the afternoon. We also opted to do the party at a park instead of our house so we can get a big jumpy. The problem is you have to reserve a spot at the park and you have to haul everything there.
My in-laws were staying with us so that was a big help with one of them holding the spot at the park from 8 AM on and the other tending the kids as my husband and I got everything else ready. Family members arrived to help with decorating. My sister and her boyfriend picked up the cake and cupcakes so it was a big team effort and production. We had close to 22 Kids and 35 Adults! The theme was Scooby Doo which my son is totally into. 
The party was great and I think the kids had a lot of fun. It is somewhat of a blur for me between sneezing and stuffy nose. 
After the party my daughter took a nap and my son did quiet time as I unloaded and cleaned and put away everything. Then we all gathered again to watch him open his presents and ate left over pizza for dinner and celebrated my father-in-law's b-day with another cake which is the same day as my son's.
After giving the kids a bath and putting them to bed I went to my dad's. His pain had gottan so bad that he couldn't come to the party. So took him food and all the party photos so he can see everything that took place. 

TODAY: Brought my dad to ER this morning and we are still here as I am typing this post. I woke up even more sick so put on sweats for the morning thinking I would get dressed in the afternoon but looks like we'll be here for quite a while. I am glad at least I am in comfy sweats. Dad is in good spirits so we are tying to make the best of the situation.
 Mommy's Little Man...

Scooby Doo Where are you?

Mystery Machine Jumpy!

Not sure who is enjoying the jumpy more?
The kids or my cousin's cousin?

Or my 6'5" tall step dad who is taller than the length of the slide!

Had the grocery store make this cake from an internet printed the photo and ordered the toppers and the candle from amazon...

Family Photo (not the best shot of everyone but oh well)...

Cupcakes were easier to serve the kids. Ordered these toppers from Amazon too.

Blowing his Candle!

My step dad (who is an Artist) did an amazing job with the last minute 'donkey' project I gave him!

My friend look smashingly chic in her striped maxi dress and kelly green cardi with pretty gold accessories!

The kiddos before we headed to the party! 

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


  1. inanılmaz tatlılar, nazar değmesin yaaa:) senin glaiator sandaletlerin de cok yakısmıs cnm, super cool mum:)

  2. super super cute!! happy birthday to your son!

    you look chic as always, did not even notice that you don't wear make up (why are the sunglasses for?? ;))

    as you noticed afterwards, I was only on vacation in cesme..
    so, you have a summerhouse there, how cool is that! :)

  3. happy birthday to your little one!! you have a beautiful family!

  4. Amazing outfit! You look amazing dear! <3

  5. oh no! hope your dad is okay. sorry you had to go to the ER. scary.

    but the party looks like it was fun. though they're always so busy, aren't they? i never really get to hang with everyone because i'm always "doing." but jumpys are great because the kids could just do that for hours!

    i love those boot gladiator sandals. they're so cool and they look great with your dress from turkey! very cute!

  6. Your pictures look fun!! Your kids are so cute and adorable! Loving the purse!


  7. What amazing sandals! I hope you slay the lion so he doesn't eat you up in the arena!

  8. Defnecim maşallah.Çok tatlı bir ailen var.Kuzucuklarına bayıldım.Benim için öp onları xxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Love the look and the gladiators are killers!
    You look sexy! Happy B-day for your son! Lovely family!

    PS: Don't miss my giveaway! Visit my blog!


  10. Your appearance is very nice and pretty, and your little son or daughter is very cute and adorable. Your family is very happy, thank you for visiting and your comment,

  11. Those sandals are amazing! You look so comfortably chic--looks like a great time. :0

  12. I was waiting for pictures of these gladiator sandals and I am stunned! They look beautiful, love the outfit and all the colors and all the accessories you chose in those earthy tones.
    Great style.

  13. Those gladiator sandals are fantastic! Love them.


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