Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blue and White photo shoot

Too much going on and I am totally behind in blogging (posting or reading). This was my outfit on Friday.
The inspiration came from the following magazine photo:
Like the idea of blue and white mixed with black (tank) and brown (belt) and some pop of color (orange)

I wore the polka dot tank. Actually a basic black tank would have looked better but I didn't have time to switch. For the pop of color (in the photo it is the design on the tank) I added the Turkish beaded necklace made of orange, red and blue beads and evil eyes.

 Added the ankle cuff sandals over the skinny jeans. Kind of cool.

  This was an outfit I wore for the photo shoot with my Dad. Primarily it was for my dad and the 3 grandkids but knowing he might want a group one that included his two kids (my brother and I) wore a complimenting outfit. 
 Plaid Blouse, Skinny Jeans, tank, Belt - Forever 21
Necklace - From Turkey
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

Friday's Activities: Had a very successful photo shoot with my Dad in the morning. Will share when we pick them up. Afterwards we all went to the Disney Store. Kids love it there. My son picked a toy for his uncle to buy for his b-day. Then lunch with the family in the food court before heading home for naps. In the afternoon my in-law's arrived. We had a nice time hanging out and having dinner at home. Then took my mother-in-law to my mom's house for the party she threw for my Aunt. My Aunt is a jewelry maker in Turkey and has great pieces. So the party showcased those.You can check out her site HERE!

With the kids in the morning....


At the party...
 With my mom and my aunt...


  1. that is a great inspiration photo. white denim is so fresh and i love almost anything paired with it! love the necklace you are wearing! i've been so behind, too! trying to catch up on all the reading!

  2. bu aralar mavi ye takıldım ben de üztündeki gömlek beni çekti=) beyaz pantolonla da çok yakışmış özellikle içine giydiğin detay çok hoş olmuş. ilham fotografının tarzı tam olmuş=)ben olsam farklı bir ayakkabı tercih ederidm ama ynede genel olarak çok beğendim

  3. you totally nailed that look!
    You look gorgeous! Your angels are so cute!

  4. Very cute. The blue plaid of the blouse is uncommon and very attractive.

  5. I like your skinny jeans better.. great outfit, I love it all over..

  6. Oh you did such an amazing job! And I like your twist on the outfit much more than the original photo. You look so beautiful! xo

  7. Love your outfit, looking really cool.
    Mom and aunt look super young. I scroll down and thought they were friends of your same age .... then read the post, both look great! beautiful trio.


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