Thursday, June 2, 2011

The peach and red thing

Got the inspiration for today's color combination from the following photo in the January Lucky magazine. Yes, I know it is June but hey with as many outfit ideas as I have on my list it is not possible to wear them all in time unless I did 2-3 outfits per day!

If I cared more I would have played around with this combo to come up with a more fluid look and better shoes. But given today's agenda (pretty much running errands most of the day) I settled...

Trying some different poses...

Was going to wear a regular plain white tee but saw this one on the shelf and realized I had missed it...

Again was going to wear a plain red cardi but it was crop and though this longer one would be better. Has a lot of pattern on the arms and the back as well.

Stayed true to the color scheme with coral and red accessories... The coral necklace is my grandmother's, barrowed it from my mom.

These lizard sandals look OK. They actually have detachable gladiator straps that go up to my calf. I had them altered today by a shoe guy so they fit my skinny legs now. Can't wait to wear them.

More different chair poses...

Red Cardi - Ed Hardy
Tee - From Turkey
Peach Jeans - thrifted from Filomena's Closet
Belt & ring - Forever 21
Sandals - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - vintage

Today's Activities: Well, initially it was going to be a very boring day with nothing but errand running. Hence my lack of caring for my outfit. I spent the entire morning at the house. The kids were miraculously good and let me actually pay all the bills and organize the office. As a treat I asked them if they want to have lunch on the water or Chipotle's. They voted for the water. It is amazing as all it takes is a 5 minute drive and you can feel like you are on vacation. Once again I had to tell myself how lucky we were for living here. We got super lucky and found parking right by the restaurant (never happens) and found a table right by the glass on the ocean deck. As usual when it just the 3 of us and all my attention is on them they did great at the restaurant, ate all their food and everything. We then walked on the pier as they ran back and forth peeking between the big wood planks to see the ocean under. 
Then it was back to errands of grocery shopping, dry cleanning and shoe repair.
After naps we went to get my son a hair cut then were invited over to my best friend's house for dinner so I can see her Dad and Step mom who are visiting out of town. She has 3 kids and the oldest is 7 yrs old so when you go there you can forget the kids. They play and play and play.
Came home almost past the kids bed time so it was quick to bed.

Here we are on the ocean front patio for lunch... Good thing we speak Turkish cause the place was filled with foreign speaking tourists. We fit right in! The mickey tin on the table is my son's. He likes to pack toys for wherever we are going. Rarely opens or plays with them but likes to pack and take them!

My son checking out the surf and the little birds were all around us trying to get in on our lunch...

The crazy boy & girl on the Deck
Kids running further on the long pier...

Us on the Pier - yes this is our neighborhood...


  1. güzel bir renk kombini ama ben en cok kızının pembe sarı kombinini sevdim, annesinin izinden bir moda tutkunu yetişiyor..

    ve kolyene de bayıldım...

  2. wow, sounds like a fabulous day...i know it is for me when mini-he is "good"! i was just telling another blogger that i love reds/pinks/corals together! great jeans...i'm still on the lookout for green ones!

  3. I love the look all over, it's so fresh!

    honey, I gave you the "one lovely blogger award" :)
    check out my last post too see the details ;)


  4. My son would get along great with yours! Every day, he asks me if he can bring one toy or another with him on the drive to school. Then as soon as we're in the car, he forgets about them!

    I love that t-shirt! It's so cute and fun!

    And those pictures are lovely! I just love the beach. It's nice y'all are so close!

  5. Aww your kids are the cutest! They have such a stylish mom, loved the colors of the outfit, they look so june!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. I love this look. I would have never thought of putting those colors together, but it looks great! :)

  7. what a fabulous color combo!!! seriously, the peach jeans are soooo great. i'm bummed you thrifted them because i can't get a pair for myself!!! i love it with the red. and how cute is that t-shirt! great look.

  8. what a lovely post! Your tee is cute and I like how you paired the peach/red inspiration within your outfit. The sandals are pretty fabulous if they have that extra strap included. :)

  9. I adore this outfit, those shoes and the shirt just make it perfect!

  10. your kids are sooo adorable!


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