Friday, June 3, 2011

Dress up from my closet and Vacation Packing

Today's outfit was inspired by a collage that was pictured in the Bon Bon Rose Girls Blog back in March.
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This top is new from TJ Maxx bought a month ago. Loved its fluid cut and the lace neck. It can be worn without a bet or tucked in without looking too baggy. They had it in a pink color too I think but I liked this mintish blue color.

Nude heels added height without taking away from the colors...

 I decided to add the flower pin which I see in ShopRuche website all the time. Finally figured out how to pin it sideways like this. I like it. I have two of these pins/barette's bought years ago.

Since I didn't have peach colored feather earings decided to add the peach feather necklace instead...

Top - TJ  Maxx
Pants - Bebe
Shoes - Steve Madden
Necklace and flower pin - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Was about to hit the indoor play area but my mom came to take the kids to the park so stayed home instead. Prepared for our big mother son camping trip by washing the sleeping bags and letting dry under the sun for that fresh smell. Expecting super cold nights and very warm days so packed bunch of layers for my son. Have to figure out what I am wearing still.
During naps, had lunch with my mom then my friend came over to bring us dinner for the night and we chatted with her over tea. The kids woke up and played together while we finally finished my kids' preschool scrap book and printed all the paperwork for tomorrow's camping trip.
When my dad decided he is not up to coming for dinner told my friend to stay over and had her husband join us for a nice family dinner together.
My son and I are both just ecstatic about tomorrow. We will go to Wild Animal park with my sister and her boyfriend so we can join in on their company picnic. Than in the afternoon my son and I will check in for our Roar and Snore camping event. We'll get to spend the night in the wild animal park and tour after hours. It should be quite an adventure. But the best part is it will be just the two of us. We might meet people of course but we are not going with anyone we know. The next (Sunday) morning my husband and daughter will join us for a family caravan tour. Can't wait...

So better late than never is my Fashion Beauty Friend Friday post hosted by the lovely Katy from Modly Chic blog.

Now that summer is in full swing here… and vacations are coming up, today's topic is about Vacation Packing...
1.    When it comes to packing for vacation what’s your mantra?
Obviously it depends on where I am going and what I will be doing. Back in the days I have done a lot of adventure travel where you have to pack light. If I was going on  a cruise where I will only worry about my luggage in the beginning and the end of the trip only I pack more where I can wear a separate outfit day and night. But, no matter how I am packing I always make an outfit list first and make sure the outfits re-use a lot of the same pieces and especially shoes and pack from that list only.

2.    What are your must packs?
A pair of jeans. A jacket or cardigan of some sort even for a hot tropical vacay. Pair of comfy shoes. I usually opt to wear these shoes on the road to save space and weight off of my luggage. A book. A journal. Socks.

3.    What are you happy to leave behind?
Daily life chores and worries!

4.    Any packing secrets that help you get everything into one suitcase?
Not really. I either unfold everything and pack them flat or just folded. It is usually not an issue of fitting in a suitcase but the issue of keeping the suitcase under the weight limit!

5.    Beach reading… what are you taking with you to read in the sand?

If the vacation is a beach vacation, I would pack some fun and light reading. When it comes to light books: I truly enjoy authors that right in first person and talk/think about everyday stuff.
I know this is not the question but I will add, I enjoy reading 'fiction' books where the story takes place in the region I am going to visit before I travel. Before our big safari trip to Africa I read 5 books that took place in various parts of the continent and even Hemingway's hunting trip in search of the great kudu (couldn't remember the title). It makes me feel much closer to the place once I get there.
Of course now traveling with kids, you are lucky if you get to finish half a book on vacation!

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  1. very that you are making use of your feathers and flower!! some of my favorites! sounds like a fun time tomorrow...enjoy!!

  2. Nice top. Great shoes. Your choices are always so interesting.

  3. This looks comfy and cute! Love the top and the shoes! :)

  4. Loooooooove how you interpreted that look. It looks so amazing on you!

  5. Love it! The top is beautiful and romantic but that flower on your hair is the best accessory ever! effortless chic, original and girly = GREAT! ohhh shoes are a '10' as well.

  6. Super cute outfit - love the pants with those amazing pumps! Have fun on the camping trip!

  7. Lovely top!

  8. Nice post!. love the pictures, simply amazing!

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  9. I am loving the last 2 polyvore combos on you. Great outfit choices!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo

  10. love the flower in your hair! You look great - perfectly put together, yet relaxed :)


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