Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspiration Monday Diane Kruger

Doing the Inspiration Monday by Megan and Nora from Two Birds Blog...

Today's Inspiration was Diane Kruger in a J Crew get-up...

I downloaded a few other photos to show the details of her outfit....

For some reason I do not have a cardigan or knit top this color! I know hard to believe right. I also do not have a mint green skirt. Again shocking... So for the first time I did a similar outfit to re-create...

This skirt is very old and about 2 sizes too big. I pull it up and synch the belt at the waist paper bag style to make it fit and since it is quite long it works fine this way... The bow belt is a new purchase from TJ Maxx for $12. The inner part is animal print. Love it.

Added nude heels like her (for the photos though) for the pool playdate switched to blue beaded flip flops.

This hat was a perfect compliment with blue and coral on its trim...
The straw purse and the layered necklace worn as a bracelet worked perfect...

Tried about 4 different necklaces and settled on the blue ones to pick up the tiny bits of blue on the hat trim...

Found this side corner of my yard with the rustic ladder I used to use as a towel rack in my old house's bathroom for backdrop...

 Coral Top - Victoria's Secret
Skirt - Will Smith 
Belt - Betsey Johnson
Necklace, hat - Forever 21
Purse - TJ Maxx
Bracelet - H&M
Shoes - Steve Madden

To see others post on this outfit click HERE!

Today's Activities: Had yet another very fun playdate at my friend's house. They have a pool too so we had the kids swim for an hour. It is tough handling two kids to 1 adult ratio but the boys can mostly swim on their own so it is not bad. But knowing it takes a second for a kid to drown you have to be constantly aware of both!
Had a nice big lunch and more playtime before returning home.
Getting this post out quickly before I go to my Dr appointment while my mom takes my daughter to her Dr to get a stubborn splinter that is turning into an infection out of her foot and my step dad is taking my son on a bike ride....


  1. Cute interpretation! I keep meaning to participate in Inspiration Mondays but I think I'm going to have to actually wear and photograph the outfit on Sunday because. . . well, I'm not very organized. :)

    I love your nude heels. They're perfect!


  2. love this outfit...i love how you compliment all the colors together!

  3. I think you look too cute! Your first pose is my favorite. Debbie

  4. Oh that skirt is FABULOUS! I adore those nude heels too! Although I would've changed into flip flops for a play date too. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. busy, busy! sounds liek you guys are getting a lot of time in the water, tho. been so rainy here. really cute belt, and the skirt looks totally fine cinched like that! and, yes, i'm shocked you don't have these pieces to recreate this outfit, haha!

    oh - and i liked the gypsy look yesterday!

  6. I love that ladder pose, you look like a hot mama :-) I like everything about this outfit. The blue necklace and belt are so pretty. The skirt is perfect for summer. Well done!


  7. Hi gorgeous just want to let you know, that you are the winner of my Giveaway, please contact me at: so I could get the details and send it to you!!!

  8. Great look. I love the colors. I wish I could pull off wearing a hat as well as you do.

  9. i love the picture of you in the lawn chair. love how you made it more summery than it was with the floral patterned skirt.

    i enjoy seeing everyone's take on inspiration monday~

  10. Perfect combination of colors and style!Love your heels!

  11. swimming always freaks me out. i have a great fear of kids drowning because like you said it's so easy for it to happen.

    love your interpretation of this outfit. that skirt is gorgeous and i love your hat and necklace! great look!

  12. Hello Chic Mom!
    I love your outfit. Having no purple cardigan and
    mint green skirt made you resourceful. And it turned out great!

    Sounds like you got a busy day, as always. I couldn't imagine how you handle the 3. Mine is only one but I have a hard time managing him especially when we go to the beach. He is so fearless.

    Btw, I hope the splinter on your daughter's was gone already.

    Have a great day!

  13. A wonderful outfit, just right for a days with the kids. I love your heels!

  14. Yet another cute combination that İ wouldn't think to put together:) Nude heels!! İ need to remember mine. İ love he ladder and the lawn chair. Look great altogether. Glad the splinter is out ans she was so brave did not even made a sound!


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