Monday, June 27, 2011

Gypsy Kings

 This was my outfit Saturday late afternoon/evening. After the floral outfit of the day we came home and I switched to swim suit and cover up for the swimming portion of our party. Then changed into this before dinner.

I actually should have included this trend (head scarves) as something I 'love but afraid to pull off' for the FBFF questions. So this home party covering my frizzy wet after pool hair was perfect opportunity to risk a look that I am not very comfortable with.

My husband said I look like a gypsy and I think he is right but kind of cute right? The animal print skirt with the built in shorts are very comfy and airy. Even got to use this green pendant necklace from Turkey that I have never worn before. It was a gift.
Silk Scarf - TJ Maxx
Brown Tee - TJ Maxx (very old)
Sheer Animal Print Skirt - Forever 21
Necklace - from Turkey

SATURDAY AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES: Despide my worry we actually had ample time between our return from the beach b-day party and our own party at the house. Had to give the kids a full bath before naps since they were covered in sand. They woke up just a bit before the guests came so it worked out great.
I waited until everyone arrived and got all the appetizers out and drinks served then got in the pool with everyone else. My parents were there to swim with the kids so actually got to relax, drink and chat with my friends for an hour or so before I had to get out get dressed and start heating the dinner. Everything heated perfectly even my fried stuff. The key was to warm them in the oven to prevent them getting soggy. Everyone loved the food and we got to all sit and eat the same time despite the 7 children. We achieved that by feeding the kids first, then have them play (and watch TV) while we ate.
My friends decided to stay past their kids' bedtime so we can play cards. Since it was our house I put my kids to bed though. We had a great time. These are the friends we go way way back so there is this natural comfort zone that I love. Old friendships are priceless!

Adults at the table (the group consisted of 4 couples originally, my ex and I got divorced but kept the group going and my husband joined in, and now another couple is divorced so our numbers are a bit off. And this time I invited my parents)...

Some of the kids are sitting for lunch not sure where the rest are...

So one of the guys slam dunk shuddered our basketball hoop glass and before it started breaking the guys all worked together to take it down. It was an event to watch. We were all laughing cause mostly they are all holding it as the only handy and capable guy, who is my step dad, takes the thing down!

My daughter and my best friend's youngest are playing together (they are 2.5 months apart)...

My son and my bf's middle son are watching TV after hours of swimming....

Here are some of the other kids sitting for some chocolate cake dessert!


  1. Stunning look!Love leopard print,so trendy!

  2. eşarbı çok sevdim,kahvelerde çok yakışmış.aa bu arada o kolyeden bende de var :)

  3. Lol. You do kinda look like a gypsy, but in a fashionable way. Nice color combo you have going on! Looks like you were very busy!


  4. love how you did your hair accessory!!


  5. I love this outfit ! The transparent long dress is amazing !

  6. Love how you paired two completely different prints together!! Totally works. You look amazing. :)


  7. I am stunned at your versatility. Your fashion-choices range wide and are successful everywhere they go. I'm impressed big-time.

  8. Love your headscarf! This is something I actually plan on trying while we are on vacation over the 4th of July holiday. You inspired me to go for it!

    You look like you had a good time at the party!

  9. the skirt is fun, I like it. My bro always makes fun of my gypsy rings so I guess we're in the same boat :)


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