Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Orange Tassels at the Nature Center

Had to pick a moderately casual outfit today given our activity. This was inspired by a girl I saw at the thread show. She was wearing long denim shorts like this with a white tee and black vest. I thought that would be a perfect backdrop for these crazy orange tassel earrings.

The crop vest is my mom's. Although it is thick leather since it is small can be worn during summer...

These earrings were a thread show purchase. They are made out of leather. Aren't they cool? Click here to buy them online. Of course the online price is much higher than what I paid at the Thread Show. Which is the beauty of that show where sellers sell their stuff directly at practically cost prices.

Added the all black watch and the silk string evil eye bracelet for additional accessories...

Converses were perfect to make the outfit funky and also for my visit to the nature center today...

 My new nails... Yesterday my Dr appt ended early and my mom and step-dad had the kids so I got my nails done. Finally got them to do the two tone nails like I wanted. Last time they messed up and couldn't get it done. I love this pink and orange combination. This is the new gel polish where it lasts close to 2 weeks.

Leather Vest - Mom's
White Tee - Target
Denim Shorts - lei 
Hat - old (?)
Shoes - Converse

Today's Activities: Another super fun day with the preschool visiting a Nature Center quite south of San Diego. This city constantly amazes me as to how much more stuff there is to do with kids that we don't even know about. This place was about 25 miles south (just minutes away from the border to Mexico). It is a huge nature center and a preserve. The school had arranged for a discussion and song time that included meeting an owl and making an owl craft. Then we had free time to walk around the area which was very cool.
Long and exhausting day though. It is a lot of fun to let the kids experience new things and play and run around with their friends and explore but it is also exhausting keeping track of all of them, making sure they do not get into trouble in addition to the many potty breaks, hand washes, constant demands of food.
Realized when we got back that I had not sit down for 3.5 hours straight and was dead tired. Napped a little while they did and felt a bit better. In the afternoon my dad joined us for some play time at the indoor play area.
Hoping to catch up a little tonight. Last night my bf came over to watch back to back new episodes of True Blood and I had no on-line time.

Kids checking out the snakes and frogs at the nature center...

They had all sorts of fish tanks with the most beautiful fish AND glass sculptures in them. It was an amazing combination and what a great idea!
See the black and white eels around and coming from the vases above? They blend it perfectly!

 This was also very pretty with ruin like pieces made out of glass and tiny bright blue fish!
 Kids listening to the discussion and learning an owl song!
Climbing to see the Bald Eagle and the Falcon....

Pretty Trails... My boy (in yellow green tee with his buddies)


  1. the tassels are so fun! i love the bright color...and the nails!! i love these two colors together.


  2. How cool! Great look. You resemble a biker-chick who's got terrific taste.

  3. love those earrings! they add the perfect pop to your outfit!

  4. LOVE the pink and orange nails! And the nature center sounds like so much fun. You have the best things to do with your kids!

  5. Super cute - so much fun! Love the nails!

  6. Love those earrings! They seem like they could go with a lot of styles too.


  7. You look like one hot biker momma!!! :)

    Love the nails, too!


  8. Love this biker look and very practical with kids and also love your nails babe. İ want you to enjoy your youth and keep your nails pretty. Leave my beautiful grandkids to me and get them done anytime ok?:) The center looks very fun with allthose vases the fish was very blended and gorgeous!

  9. Those earrings are crazy fun! Love the vest too!

  10. Those earrings are awesome! And this nature center looks so cool!

  11. i love the colors you used on your nails! very fun and summery~

  12. i love these tassle earrings! they're so cool and i love the leather vest. very edgy outfit yet so comfy. perfect for running around (as long as you don't get too hot in the vest - hee hee)


  13. Casual yet chic!Love your vest!

  14. Cool earrings girl..orange is one of my favs for summer.
    And the LEATHER vest is so unexpected for summer! Love it.


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