Thursday, June 30, 2011

ShopBob Inspiration

This outfit was somewhat inspired by the following ad in shopbob website...
I guess the inspiration part was the peachy red bottoms with a sleeveless top... Also made me remember this top that is so very old and I almost gave it away but kept it for some reason...
These shorts fit great and are very good quality. You really can't beat Forever 21 for $14. I always order one size up with their short shorts and mini skirts so I can pull them down more and use a belt to synch to gain a bit more length.
I felt the thick woven belt anchors the outfit. After again a few trials of different necklaces settled on this $4 owl charm I seem to use sooo much...
I always get lots of comments and compliments when I wear these clogs. They sure are cute. I had bought them on clearance from Anthropology couple years ago.

The hat was added more out of necessity than looks but it works... I wish the fit was tighter though cause even the slightest wind blows it off.

Shoes - Anthropologie
Everything Else - Forever 21! :)

Today's Activities: Another super fun day with the kids today. The preschool activity was meeting at another longer distance spray park. This area/park was surrounded by beautiful lakes. The spray area was actually smaller than the last one we had been to but had more water pressure and kids just like going to new places. In the afternoon I had my interview with the consultant firm which went great but it will a looong process so not even worth thinking about it until it gets seriuos. Afterwards since it was my night to go out I just directly went to meet my bf for happy hour and then a movie. We saw 'Bad Teacher', it wasn't great but entertaining enough...

Here are some cool shots from the spray park...

Buckets were a big hit...

Water shoes were a good call as this was concerete ground...

My friend looked so cute holding her daughter's princess umbrella as a sun shade!

Before the water fun they did pledge of allegiance and the morning circle time...


  1. perfect shorts! I love the colour and fit!
    you look great honey! :)

  2. Love your shorts!!!The color is amazing!

  3. You always seem to be able to capture the look!! :)

    Enjoy your weekend. :)


  4. Oh, such a fun pair of shoes, the pendant is lovely with this outfit. I love that first photo, it's a great one. Happy weekend to you. -xo

  5. Fun outfit for a fun day. Love your shoes and the hat. Kids are having a blast İ see and don' want their mom going to work.:( Will miss all this fun stuff and they grow so quickly. they are so cute with their flags.

  6. I NEED your clogs!!!! They are adorable!
    Have a great 4th of July weekend!


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