Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yellow Butterfly

Today's outfit was inspired by the hot mommy Becks of oomph blog 
To see the original post of this outfit click here!

Our pieces are not quite the same but the idea of wearing boy friend cut cuffed jeans, a tank and a cozy cardigan with a sun hat matches. For a bit of sparkle I used my sequin tank. And since the yellow stripes of my chunky cardigan is very subtle I added the big butterfly yellow earrings instead. I think they look cute.

Oh and yes, added a thin yellow belt too since these pants are about a size and a half too big I needed a belt anyway so why not yellow to go with everything?

 Here are the earings in close-up. They are made out of wood so super light. I love the butterfly design and the distressed yellow paint. They were $5 at the Thread Show...

I am so glad I purchased these wooden platforms cause they really look great under everything. Too bad I don't wear them in reality that often. Again today I had to switch to my lizard skin flat sandals for the park...

Sequin Tank - Charlotte Russe
Yellow/Grey striped Cardigan - Gap
Boyfriend Jeans - Newport News
Platforms & Hat - Forever 21
Earrings - Thread Show

Today's Activities: Attended the outdoor class which was held coincidentally at the park that is literally in front of my mom and step-dad's backyard. I even parked the car in front of their house and took the secret path to get there. A few other classes have been cancelled due to funding so this class is the double the size and it was quite hectic trying to keep an eye on the kids. I hate super crowded playgrounds. It is like that street performer trick where you try to watch the ball as he rotates 3 cups over the ball. That is how it feels like keeping track of two kids in a crowded park and it hurts my brain. Plus the kids refused to eat the left over mac'n'cheese I had packed for lunch so we left early so they can eat something else at my mom's. After lunch I left them there and met my Dad at his Dr appt. We were then there for the next 5 hours making his next 4 Dr and Infusion appointments than getting his 2nd Chemo treatment. Funny how tired you could get also from just idly sitting. I am not used to that so I feel quite tired now even after dinner/picking up the kids and coming home.


  1. cool, thank you! i love your version of it with the sparkles and yellow accessories! the secomd to the last picture is my favorite! i totally get what you mean about becoming tired from doing nothing!! i would go stir crazy first, tho!


  2. I can only imagine how hard it is to keep track of kids at a playground! Your shoes are incredible!

  3. I have a soft spot for blue and yellow combo, and I absolutely love what you did in this outfit. Just enough pops of yellow to make the outfit more fun and playful :)

    Those clog sandals are badass! They do look high, though! :D


  4. love the shoes!!



  5. It really is oddly exhausting to be idle, isn't it?

    And yes, yellow does go with everything! I love the pop of the belt!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. Love the shoes!!

  7. The outfit is awesome!


  8. Love your take on Becks outfit. She is quite the stylish lady! You are pretty stylish yourself! Your earrings rock :)

  9. Those fabulous shoes are F21? No way! Headed over there now!

  10. Love the blue sequins with the yellow details. I can't imagine trying to keep an eye on two kids in a crowded playground. Sounds exhausting.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

  11. sarı, sarı, sarı bu sene en sevdiğim renk... ayakkabılarını çok sevdim, tarzı ve rengi çok güzel...bu arada seni mimledim, konusu, hakkındaki 7 gerçek... cevaplarını ilgi ile bekliyorum...


  12. love the sequins and how great is that yellow belt? i love those shoes too. i really REALLY wanted them but they were sold out at F21 when i went to get 'em. such a bummer.

    thanks for your comment about my yellow skirt. the funny thing is it's actually neon yellow so in person it's pretty bright but it seriously does NOT photograph well. i dunno, it just looks really blah yellow. so weird.


  13. I like the whole outfit. You look great and sexy.. :) That was my dream look to be a hot mama.. :)

  14. I love the inspiration outfit, but your representation is so gorgeous! I am such a fan of the blue and yellow color combination :)

  15. Such a cute outfit, and love your shoes and earrings!

  16. Loving those shoes with the boyfriend jean look!

    Lisa xo


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