Saturday, June 25, 2011

Head to Toe floral

 Going all floral today from head to toe!

This was inspired by a magazine photo but I couldn't find it...The idea was pairing all floral items together. 

Normally you wouldn't ever wear a bikini top and a cardi but actually today's weather worked perfectly for my outfit. The beach was chilly and cold so the cardigan was nice and warm and since we were on the beach wearing a bikini top underneath didn't look odd at all!
The scarf also provides coverage so I didn't feel like I was flashing with the bikini top!
 Got this super cute floral bikini top from Forever 21. Didn't even bother getting the matching bottom since my incision mark I can't wear bikini's but thought the top would be perfect for outfits like these.

These earrings are from Turkey. Crochet pieces hang from the loop.

This floral fabric purse with a nude leather handle was bought off of the internet. Supposed to resemble an older Gucci model. It is nice and large but because of the soft fabric and no pockets I always loose things in it.
 The canvas floral wedges are sky high platforms and made me feel very tall. I love wearing platforms under shorts. Too bad I couldn't really wear them to the beach with the kids. BUT that would have been interesting to try! :)

Hat, Bikini Top, Shorts, Shoes - Forever 21
Cardigan - part of a twin set from Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses - Channel
Earrings - From Turkey
Purse - online purchase a very long time ago

Today's Activities: Posting mid-day today so I can get what I wore and did in the morning out. We went to my son's friend's 4th B-Day party on the beach. Sun took its sweet time to come out but it did finally. Kids had a good time. Unfortunately we had to leave early before some of the games and the cake cause had to come home and get ready for our big party in the afternoon...

Here is the party spot from up above... Same friend/beach we visited on past Monday...

My daughter got her face painted... My son has never warmed up to the idea...

She played t-ball by herself for a very long time...

Once the sun came they started playing with the waves and my daughter hates having wet swim suit on so she took it all off and swam naked! She is fearless against the huge and very cold waves. My poor husband who was not even wearing swim trunks got a bit soaked...

With our two little monkeys!


  1. Very cute! Love all the florals...! It so interesting how they work together even with the different colors mixing!
    I don't think the heels will work at the beach, I agree but you would look hot!
    The party looked like fun!
    XO Carrie

  2. Very playful. With those great heels, you look six feet tall!

  3. Love the shorts and heels!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  4. love the hat!!! you look awesome!


  5. haha you look so summery!
    looks like a great day
    eliza x

  6. ok, you totally have to link this one up when i do extreme florals! FABulous. loving the shoes and hat, too! the daughter is too funny!

  7. honey your legs look ENDLESS!!! :D

    great shorts and heels, I like the way you combine them, also like your hat.
    seems like a fun day at the beach, I'm happy for you - it's raining here today :(

  8. resimler harika! ayakkabı ve çantaya bayıldım ;)

  9. Amazing shorts and shoes!You look great!

  10. İ love this look. What a great idea and İ have so many floral things. Will see how mine looks together. Love those shoes and hat tops it all like a period! Party pictures are great and İ don't know what we are going to do with Juliet's love off going around butt naked:)

  11. Wow!I totally love the floral print too:)
    I love your outfit,especially the cardi and the shoes.So cute!!
    I'm following,I'm very happy if you follow me too:)If you like my blog,of course;)
    Have a fabulous sunday

  12. floral overload!!!..but it looks so great on you especially the heels!!! beach bummin photos of ur family!!!

  13. I also love the shoes! I could never wear them....I'd break my


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