Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

This was my outfit for the first part of Father's Day Sunday. 

The inspiration came from the following chictopia post:

I just love the mixture of these colors: Mustard yellow, bubble gum pink, bright red and turquoise blue!
Just brilliant and of course I own similar version of each item. Except the shoes. My shoes are a bit bulky looking but very very comfy...

This silky dress was a purchase 2 years ago. I wore it during fall with boots and a brown cardi... It was actually hanging in my son's closet since I do not wear it often. The pink cardi is ridiculous old. It is somewhat crop though so I had to pull it down a lot to stretch it to show under the belt!

The dress has its own built in necklace like neckline but it worked fine with the double layered blue beaded necklace...

My comfy sneaker like wedges. Wearing them twice in one week! wow!

Forgot to pose with my purse but this was the purse I used today. Got it from TJ Maxx couple days ago. They actually had the gorgeous Michael Kors ones there too but at $99 a bit out of my price range so was happy to settle for this no name brand but a very similar style at $20.

Dress, Necklace, Bracelet & Belt - Forever 21
Cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Shoes - from Turkey

Morning Activities: Kids got to give Daddy their hand made cards this morning before he left for his 'Daddy Day'...Then my Dad came over and we gave him his present and card before we left the house.
Together we went down to the downtown pier for a Father's Day Brunch Cruise with my brother, SIL and nephew. It was a lot of fun. Kids enjoyed a weird mixture of food from shrimp to bacon to cookies and drank apple cider from champagne glasses which they thought was very special. My son the cautious one only asked 3 times to make sure his drink was a kid drink and not a grown up drink. When we got on the deck though it was a bit more stressful as there were sections of the rail that was open and unsafe and easily reachable by the kids. My daughter, the unstable one, is a night mare in these kinds of settings. Since the cruise ended at noon we were at home right on time for naps. 
The rest of the day will be in a second post since I changed outfits!...

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

My son ran up while my dad was taking my outfit photos and asked one with him!

'Dede'cim Babalar Gunun Kutlu Olsun!' ('happy father's day Grandpa' in Turkish)

Dressed my daughter in my own childhood dress again...

The pier area...

The brunch cruise boat...

Kids on the Deck...

Mother son moments on the pier...Like all the birds flying in this photo...


  1. you did a fabulous job recreating the look!!! And your family is adorable! Glad that you had a great time ;)
    would love if you visited

  2. i absolutely adore this outfit! i would've never thought to mix all those colors but it looks brilliant together! i'm especially in LOVE with your shoes. you get some of the best stuff from Turkey!!! and how cute is your family. glad you had a nice Father's Day. I'm laughing cuz my little 3yo has the same scooby crocs as your little boy!

  3. I absolutely adore the pink, yellow and turquoise in this outfit! That dress is lovely on you! You look beautiful!

    These are great photos, it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful celebration with your dad!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Wow - you almost recreated that ouftit exactly! Great job, love all the color!

  5. You look so pretty! :) Great pics too!


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