Monday, July 18, 2011

Beach Warriors

 Just a warning there are lots of photos today. And I did my best to eliminate a lot. 
Took these photos of the whole outfit, then there are photos at the beach with most of the outfit, then there are beach photos themselves... 
I will at least keep the words to a minimum. From this point on....
This strapless top was purchased 4 years ago for our family trip to Acapulco. I half tucked it today and my mom, thinking she is fixing it, pulled it out to which I screamed that that was my 'half tuck'!

I combined to necklaces to make this. The yellow bead necklace is quite short so I attached the clasp to the bronze one then on the other side I used a gold mini safety pin!

These bracelets are gathered from all around. The evil eye is from Turkey as well. The one on top of that was a benefit purchase for clean water for villages in Africa. And the other is I think from my mom's jewelry box. I take stuff from her all the time so don't always remember...

Aren't these jelly sandals super cute? Found them at Marshall's for $10! Confession though, they do hurt after even a little bit. So perfect for a house play date and a short trip to the beach but probably nothing further.

Strapless top - Old Navy
Denim Shorts - Marshall's
Thin green belt, HAT - Forever 21
Bronze necklace - Charlotte Russe
Yellow bead necklace - can't remember
Sandals - Chinese Laundry

 Notice no shoes (obviously) but also took off the necklace before coming to the beach since it would get in the way of catching and holding wet kids! :)

 watching to make sure I don't get drenched  unexpectedly!

My little surfer decided to join in:

 I have taught her to never turn her back to the ocean so she always looks especially if she hears the thunder of a wave!

Ocean was so pretty today. When the waves rose they had this light blue tint...

My Daughter loves the sand and the water (and taking her clothes off!)

The boys playing the 'jump' game they created on their own. We were just trying to make sure they didn't walk over the lovely ladies that were all lathered up in oil sunbathing in their unstrapped bikinis. They probably regretted the spot they picked.

Lunch under the canopy. Easier said than none as no matter how hard we tried it was impossible to keep their hands (and food) sand free... Oh well a little crunch never hurt anyone.

And The Brave Mommies that make these playdates happen!
'Why are mommies' legs totally white even though they spend almost every day outdoors?' Cause we never actually sit down!

Last photo I swear! Took this with the kids before we got in the car...


  1. Love this beach look! Those yellow shoes are so adorable!

  2. You look adorable! Great photos! I posted on the beach today too. Kori xoxo

  3. loving everything about this outfit. the green top, the fedora, the yellow shoes! seriously perfect. and what a great time at the beach. i need to get one of those cool tents!

  4. love the wonderful beach pictures!
    Wish I could be there right now!!

  5. Beautiful top!!!And your little girl is so sweet!!!

  6. Those shoes are amazing! The best ones always are the most uncomfy!!
    Lovely family piccies too :)

  7. You look so cute!! Those yellow shoes make the outfit!

    Ha, I hear ya about the white legs. lol Going to the beach is not relaxing in any sense after having kids! But it is a lot more fun experiencing the sand and water through their little eyes. =)

  8. Oh my gosh! What a fabulous outfit! I'm heading to Marshalls for those cute yellow sandals.

    The beach pictures are beautiful. Hang on to them.

  9. So fun! I love the green top with the yellow shoes!

  10. I love a good beach day! And your arm party rocks!

  11. loves to yellow shoes :)

  12. Defne'cim, plaj fotograflariniza bayildim, ne kadar guzel ve mutlu gorunuyorsunuz, masallah masallah( tahtaya vuruyorum ayni anda :) ) Kiyafetin de cok ho, hersey tam kararinda ama o sari ayakkabilar, ah o ayakkabilar bitirdi beni, ne kadar guzeller yaa.. Chinese Laundry nedir, nerede bulunur acaba internette var midir valla bakicam simdi :)

    Tesekkur ederim yorumlarin icin de ayrica, haftasonum biraz cilgin gecti, anca vakit bulabiliyorum kusura bakma.

  13. No wonder you took so many pictures! This outfit is great for a day at the beach and so cute. I love the green top paired with your yellow shoes. The bows are just adorable!

    You look like you and your family had a great time at the beach. That's one of our favorite things to do. My six year old loves to jump the waves :)

  14. Aww, you look so fun & summery! Looks like a great day at the beach!

  15. ayy harika bir gün, sahil fotoğrafların cok güzel...

  16. tüm fotoğraflara bak bak doyamadım,ne güzel bir plaj buuu :))sende harikasın ve enerji dolu her zamanki gibi :) güneş gibi parlak sarı ayakkabılarını da çok sevdim :)


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