Thursday, July 21, 2011


 Catching up on posts so this was my outfit today!

I love the pairing of bright fuchsia with white with a touch of black.

Sure getting lots of use out of my white fedora this summer.

The colors look so cool, don't they?

Ironic that I bought this necklace for $10 at Bebe's clearance rack before feathers were everywhere. This outfit totally shows the necklace cause the other times I have worn was not doing justice.

I just couldn't help but model the outfit with these cause they are absolutely perfect with the outfit. But of course not practical so I switched to my strappy ankle cuff black sandals.

Top - Forever 21
Shorts & Hat - Target
Necklace - Bebe
Platforms - Boutique 9

Today's Activities: It was our last day of pre school summer session. Now I must work on scheduling some fun playdates and activities for the next month and a half to keep the kids busy. I am the captain of our mommy group so hoping to work on that tomorrow. We had a nice potluck lunch at school and also made a family banner with the kids.
In the afternoon we swam in our own pool than had dinner and watched Tangled from netflix all together.
My daughter is officially having insomnia. She took 2 hours to fall a sleep during nap and tonight took an hour and a half. She is going to be one tired little girl tomorrow if she doesn't sleep in. Not sure what is going on. We are going to try for a longer bed time routine to get her more calmed down and drowsy tomorrow and see if that helps. Kids! They just love to present new problems all the time just to keep us on our toes I guess.

My son stringing beads for our banner art project:

Joint effort, the names were my son's idea. I added the year. I like to date projects.

Here is a bigger picture of the art projects that were taking place:

Potluck lunch. Mommies are preparing the kids plates first while the teacher was reading them a story...

The younger ones were served first since they don't have the patience to listen to the whole story. 
My daughter in purple dress.

My son and his friend.

Posing with a group of mommies from the pre school. There are so many more I am friends with but so hard to get everyone together for a photo.


  1. Love your feather necklace!


  2. I really like the color of your top and the hat is really cute! I hope your daughter can sleep better soon! Insomnia is no fun.

  3. Love your necklace, so original!!!And the shoes...oh your shoes...

  4. That is such a lovely necklace, Daphne! And it goes so well with the pink top :)

  5. You look great in this! I love pink, white and black together. And that necklace and your shoes are fabulous!

  6. wowww süper görünüyorsun,tüylü kolyeye ve ayakkabılarına bayıldım,şort çok yakışmış sana,fuşya rengini de çok severim,harika olmuşsun :)

  7. Great color on you - that top is so pretty! Adore the necklace - so much fun!

  8. Defne'cim cok hossun gene, ayakkabilarina hayran kaldim. Cok yakismis kiyafetine. Iyı haftasonlari

  9. Cute pics of the kids! I love your hat! Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the You Like Me Friday Blog Hop. Would love a visit and a follow back on my blog: Thanks! By the way, we are GIVING AWAY an IPAD 2 and would love for you to enter if you haven’t already! Nice to meet you!

  10. OMG I am in love with those shoes!!!

  11. love everything here...the fedora, the feathers, and those cute shoes! you are so organized with evvrything! i totally need to get a mommy group together here!!


  12. Looks like a fun time! Great necklace!!

  13. lovely top and shoes! those kids are so adorable!

    jos xx


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