Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retro Blue

 Today's day outfit. Posting it now so I can post tonight's outfit later tomorrow...

 Went very retro feminine outfit today. This linen skirt is very old and soft. Has tiny blue and brown flowers on it. Even though it is lined I still have to wear a slip underneath.
 I am now a pro at adjusting necklace lengths with safety pins. This top silver and blue necklace is from my mom's youth. It is a bit longer but I wanted it to show so shortened it using a safety pin.
 This thin crochet blue top from F21 is another old purchase. I usually wear it as a cardi but this time wore it as a blouse... The longer necklace helps cover the cleavage. Plus I wore a lace yellow bra underneath so looked interesting if it peeked out.
The brown mary janes carry out the retro look...

 Added the blush colored silk flower to the back of my hair...

Silk flower, Top, Skirt, double belt - Forever 21
Necklaces - vintage from Turkey
Mary Janes - Blowfish (from Zappos)

Today's Activities: Preschool today. Last week of school so I need to work on our calendar to fill it with activities the following weeks asap. Kids enjoyed playing together as usual.
Going to see a play with my friend tonight. Hoping my husband comes to kids' swim class early enough to take over so I can leave from there.
I do these weekly nights out but the a amount of planning and coordination it takes is quite a lot!


  1. What a cute outfit. Definitely very feminine looking. I like the flower in your hair and those necklaces are awesome. That's pretty cool that they were your mom's. It makes it even more special.

    have fun at the play. And I know what you mean about planning for a couple hours away from te kids. We plan like a month in advance sometimes!

  2. Love the retro feel---and anything linen has my vote! The jewelry you styled it with is perfect! Gorgeous!
    Dressology HQ

  3. I love your hair!! The flower accessory is perfect.

  4. Super cute - that color blue looks great on you! Love the flower accessory in your hair too - gorgeous!

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