Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

 This was my 4th of July outfit! 

The inspiration came from a manequin outfit in the F21 store I think at least a few months ago...

I like this combo so much that I bought the two tanks. At around $4-$7 each they were a great bargain.

My khaki shirt is too thick tuck in so I used it more as a jacket... Also the tanks did not look that great tucked in so I left them out...

I do like the mix of neon yellow with the white-red-blue.

Khaki Utility Shirt - Gap
Tanks, Jeans, necklace, belt - Forever 21
Sandals - Victoria's Secret

4th of July Vacation: We sure had a busy but fun holiday over the 4th of July.
Sunday night we went to my friend's house as planned. They had a huge party with lots of families with kids our kids' age. They had a blast of course. Some families stayed to watch the fireworks of a nearby resort (yes a night early) from the top of their deck.
4th of July morning they cooked us a buttermilk pancake breakfast before we got on the road for our journey up north.
Arrived at the resort by lunchtime and met my husband's family. Let the kids swam in the pool for a while but running low on energy tried to got them to rest in the room with no luck. Met up at my SIL's room which overlooked a vast lawn and a sand dune covered vast beach. Kids played with their cousins and their grandparents all night. There was a lot of drinking done by the adults. We watched the fireworks from the same spot all cuddled up. My husband had my daughter and I had my son. It is so nice to watch to fireworks holding your baby (especially now that they are over the 'scared' age). We took them to bed afterwards while my husband returned back for more partying.
Tuesday morning we had breakfast with the family then enjoyed the beach and the pool before we checked out. Unfortunately the trip back took over 4 hours and we are exhausted.
After unpacking and 4 loads of laundry quite spent at this point!

Posing with my daughter in her 4th of July tutu outfit! 
Bought this whole set (headband, tank and tutu skirt) at Marshalls for $12!

My son of course is equally patriotically dressed, sporting a Children's place tee and hurley plaid shorts...

Perched up on a sand dune over looking the beautiful ocean!

My hubby with the kids on the grass lawn in front of the family's room...

Walking on the beach...

Daddy's Princess...

4 Cousins enjoying the sand dunes...

My son with his cousin who is 3 months older...

My daughter with her cousin. Love this photo!

Flying a kite...

The buzz light year kite!

The kids kept calling this pretty schooner parked in front of us 'the pirate ship'...

Lots of wine...


  1. great outfit, casual & cool. especially like your shirt and those beach photos are just awesome.. :)


  2. Wow, it sounds like you had a fantastic time with your family! Yay!

    And you ALL look utterly adorable in your patriotic outfits. :) The wine looks really good too!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Love the entire family's 4th looks!!! So cute!


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! You all look great in your July 4th outfits :)

  5. Great outfit! I love the pop of color with the green! xo

  6. Awww, you're such a cute, patriotic family :-) Love that awesome tee, too!

  7. amazing post!

    your newest follower Michelle

  8. Adorable beach photos! And that last photo looks like a divine time ;) .

  9. Great outfits on all of you. Trevor's pictures show how handsome he is:) Love the picture of Juliet and London . Looks like you had a great family time.


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