Wednesday, July 6, 2011

London Tee and a Guess Jumpsuit

This was the outfit during the day... Inspiration came from Glamour Magazine's March 2011 Issue:
 There is actually 4 other combinations similar to this on this page which was how to recreate the cover-look segment. I will be using each and every single one of them as inspiration!

The candy apple stilettos were cool but you will see below I like it better with the red flats I think...

See, kind of cuter right?
 This tee is super soft and comfy. I have numerous combinations with it. It is just one of those perfect tee's with just the right amount of interest and color...
Tweed Jacket - part of a suit from Newport News
London Tee, Shorts - Forever 21
Belt - Mango
Flats - Not sure, got these when I was pregnant 4 years go...

And Now The NIGHT Outfit:
 Wore this tonight to dinner with my girls...

 Bought this jumpsuit from Guess clearence months ago with the same best friend I was going out actually. I had 3 different combo's with the piece but trying them on realized they did not work. For one the necklaces do not work with the top zipper portion. So ditched them on so settled for earings instead....
 These earrings were a purchase from thread show. They are made out of thin wood with laser cut butterflies. Totally pop against this green jumpsuit right?
Bought this neon yellow purse also with the same bf the other month from H&M. I was torn between this color and the aubergine purple but she convinced me to go with the neon yellow. Was perfect with this outfit. You just tuck in the strap to keep it as a clutch...

 Added the wooden tribal cuffs and the raffia stretch belt to keep everything neutral...

I tried on many platforms and these golden wedges looked the best...

 Jumpsuit - Guess
Earrings - Thread Show
Purse - H&M
Wedges - Dolce Vita for Target
Today's Activities: Went to preschool. My son is so good now, I almost don't even see him the whole 3 hours we are there. My daughter on the other hand is a handful. Wanting to change costumes, switching from her crocs to high heels, demanding many wands and tiaras and wanting to do multiple art projects her demands never end... She does have fun there though. After naps our family friend came over to take the kids to their swim class then to dinner. They were all dressed up in swim suits waiting for her. Their new helmets had also arrived from Amazon and my daughter loves the princess design helmet. (see photo below). My bf picked me up shortly after they left for our birthday dinner gathering. First though a few of us hit happy hour. As always lots of fun and giggling over  nothing major. We actually warned our server that we tend to get loud and we wouldn't mind if she wanted to re-seat us to somewhere that wouldn't disturb the rest of their what is normaly romantic dating guests. She said 'no' but somehow there was no one seated around us after that! 6 alpha girls together over 2 bottles of wine do get loud! :)

My little (crazy) girl in her new helmet! And the ariel swim suit she threw a fit to wear the minute she woke up from her nap. Her exact words being 'I need my purple ariel swim suit'...Everything is a 'need' not a 'want'!


  1. love the tee. it's just how i like it, a bit oversized and loose. nice with the tweed jacket.

    love the night outfit too...the yellow is a nice pop of color against the neutrals.

  2. your daughter is sooo cute! :) and it's nice that you still find time to look good in spite of having a daughter already. i know a lot of people who forgets to take care of themselves after giving birth. :) pretty momma!

    anyways, im following you now! hope you could visit my blog too and maybe follow back? i would be very grateful! looking forward to more of your posts!:) thanks!

  3. Love the day and night looks! Just beautiful!

  4. Love the first outfit with flats indeed. The night outfit is gorgeous and looks really good on you. Juliet helmet is sooo cute but believe me her bathing suit is too small İ will buy her the right size:)

  5. I do agree the flats look better with the first outfit but I LOVE those red heels! The jumpsuit is super adorable too and oh, those wedges - love them!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. offf diyorum başka yorum yok, ilk kombinin coksevmiştim ki sonra oburunu gorunce sonuk kaldı. cok cok yakısmıs. tulum yakıstırmak zordum , bu tam sana goreymis. clutchun rengi harika zaten, bu yılın mı?

  7. Love the two outfits!

  8. I adore your legs, they are endless!! :))
    I like the first outfit with the flats better. also like the jumpsuit very much, it looks great on you! only the earrings looked a little too big to me.
    that yellow clutch is a life saver, I think. you can combine it with everything in summer, love it.


  9. We're wedge twins! Love how you styled them!

  10. We're wedge twins! Love how you styled them!

  11. Woooow! the night oufit looks so wonderful!!! I love your style and especially these golden Pumps...!

    thanks for these cute pics and your blog,

  12. Wow You look gorgeous! I love the night look! xx Joice


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