Saturday, July 9, 2011

Turquoise and Yellow

 Another short and top outfit for today...

Going with a hat again but this went so great with the outfit...

Don't you love these colors together?
And this top is so comfy as it is fitting and yet not tight and hides the tummy.

My stepfather who took these photos between the dance class and the b-day party insisted we get some walking photos...

Added turquoise and gold accessories. Cuff bracelet is a gift from my sister. 
The top actually has touches of gold thread that was covered in the photos...

These floral wedges or super old. Were purchased at TJ Maxx. For some reason I remember them as not comfortable but I think those were the times I wore heels all day. Now with a short activity they did not feel bad. I did switch them to turquoise flip flops after dance class before the b-day party...

Top - Nordstrom Rack I think. Can't remember it is very old
Shorts - Target
Hat, bracelet - Forever 21
Ring - made by my Aunt
Wedges - Guess

Today's Activities: Busy day today and it is only half past! This morning the kids started dance classes. My daughter ballet/tap combo and my son hip hop. Although the hip hop might not happen since they didn't have enough kids signed up. I had bought the dance leotard tutu for my daughter when she was just a baby. It was an expansive brand and I found it at TJ Maxx for $12 and thought this would be perfect when she takes dance classes around 2 yrs and the size seemed right. It has been hanging in her closet for 2.5 years. And it looked perfect on her!

Look how pretty the 'v' back is with a cute bow!

She loved her dance class. Didn't listen the entire time but enjoyed it. We'll be practicing at home as ballet is my dream... I now need to go and find ballet and tap shoes for her!

They did the train...
We then came to my son's friend's 4 yr old b-day party which was at a park near our house. My husband was already there with my son but he left when we came to take him to his dance class. They didn't take the camera though so no photos of him.
He made it back in time for the cake part. 

We plan to swim in our pool this afternoon then I am invited to my mom's house for a Turkish ladies jacuzzi party. Should be fun.


  1. You look amazing, your outfit is super cute, I love everything about it :D
    & your daughter is adorable! LittlePetite Blog

  2. You looked hot with mile long legs and pretty colors! Juliet was way beyond being cute adn we wished we went for Trevor too. Oh well next time!Can't believe you bought that leotard when she was born:) Hope she makes your dreams come true!!

  3. Great summer outfit and lovely little dancer :)))

    LOVE minnja

  4. Oh, I just love those colors together! And you are look fabulous in those shorts and wedges, girl!

  5. oh my...! such a cute look! love the colours on you!
    also love your wing-cuff.. and the yellow nails make me feel so positive, I'm sure you feel the same ;)

    I adore your daughter's dress and her poses! :))

  6. Wow, you wear the coolest clothes. Even your simple outfits are stylish. I love your blog!

  7. I love turquoise and yellow together! This is SUCH a fun outfit! You look super adorable.

    Your daughter is SO cute in that tutu! I started dance when I was three and missed the boat with my daughter, but hopefully now that she's four, she can start in August. I'm excited!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  8. Aaa ne tesadüf bu gün bende mavi ve sarıyı kombinledim ama seninle ters olarak benim de bluzum sarı eteğim mavi :))şort sana çok yakışmış bu arada.

    Kızına da bayılıyorum pamuk prenses yaa çok şeker maşallah

  9. Yes Yes Yes! I love this color combo! and those shoes? gimme gimme gimme!!!! Your daughter is sooooooo adorable!

  10. such a great outfit! x

    ps please vote for me on my blog

  11. çok güzel bir kombin olmuş, cıvıl cıvıl. Renkler sana çok yakışmış. Kullanmış olduğun aksesuarlarda muhteşem, özellikle bileklik çok güzelll.... bende isterim...

    oje, yüzük ve bileklik muhteşem üçlü olmuş... harika!

    ufaklıkta çok tatlı, ısırmak istiyorum.. bale yapmasına bayıldım, harika kareler yakalamışsın...


  12. Great combination of colors: love yellow and blue!Stylish as always!


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