Thursday, July 7, 2011

Neons and Florals

 Today's outfit was put together simply from the stuff I got on clearence from J Crew and not from my outfit list! Imagine that!?

This skirt is so cute. Made out of tiny floral print that is pleated horizontally with black sides. Original price was $110 (like anyone would pay that!?) on clearance for $24 plus 30% off!

 This tank is very soft and has neon pink stripes. Of course JCrew's cut of size small is still super loose! I remember seeing these when they first came out and wanting them but clearance prices were much more attractive.

Tank & Skirt - J Crew
Hat - Forever 21

Today's Activities: Another fun day on a preschool field trip to a public pool we had never heard before. They had a super cool toddler pool with slides and spray features. We first met at a nearby park and had the kids play for an hour before walking to the pool building. 

I must tell you though these activities that we do are definitely not for the faint hearted. We take photos capturing the fun but behind all that there is tremendous work. You have to posess tremendous planning and organization skills. Ability to multi task is a must. Talent of tuning out the chaos around you to have a conversation is nice to have if you want to keep your sanity. You have to be strong so you can stand to be on your feet for hours at a time carrying large loads while your muscles burn. You have to have iron steel nerves and amazing patience. And handling it all with mostly a smile on your face.
What helps me is constantly being around group of women who are absolutely amazing posessing all these skills.
As you look around the pool chaos today, you could see at any given time mommy's holding other mommy's younger ones, helping with potty breaks, watching each other's kids so we can take turns taking photos and always helping whenever they can. Really don't think we could do all this every day if such support system did not exist...

After naps of course my son got up totally sick. We went to my mom's to have a late b-day celebration for my Step Dad. My son barely lasted before I brought him home but it is going to be a long night for sure...

Here are the girls walking from park to the pool (my daughter in the middle)...

And the boys (my son on the left)...
Here is the part where I had to carry her cause she wouldn't walk. I could feel those muscles burn but we had to get to the pool one way or another...

 Here is the pool...

With my daughter..

My crazy girl who you can not take your eyes off of her even for a minute. 

My son swimming with this buddy...

The kids on the slide stairs...


  1. Beautiful items, the skirt especially. I need to hire you to be my personal shopper. :)

  2. I can imagine it would take a boatload of patience and endurance. How awesome that you have such great friends with such an awesome support system!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Don't you love J.Crew sales?!

    And your kids are too adorable ;)

    xo jess

  4. Love that skirt!! You look beautiful!

  5. I always love all the activities you do with your children, they are so lucky ! And I love your hat !

  6. i can't believe you guys have a fabulous PUBLIC pool like that!! our is call a water park, and it's like $40 to get in, lol!! cute skirt....things definitely are more attractive on sale!

  7. Love the skirt! Cute pics of all the kiddos! :)


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