Thursday, August 18, 2011

black socks

Finally wearing this adorable top I scored at TJ Maxx like 5 months ago! I lined up 5 different outfits with it but haven't worn them yet. The issue is I have too many outfit ideas and not enough days to wear them!

 The top is silky in the front and soft almost sheer cotton in the back. Even the sleeves are half and half.
 Added layered coral beeds and a heart charm. The coral red rose ring and a gold watch and I was done.

 Obviously the funky part of this outfit was the black ankle socks in coral heels! Totally out of my comfort zone but I just did it!
 Sitting in front of my faux fireplace in the living room lined with all my b-day cards!

 Posing all over the living room/dining room area of the house today...

In front of the painting of my son my Step-dad has done. Temporarily we hung it here until we can hang it over the large stair wall...
Top - TJ Maxx
Shorts & necklaces & socks & heels - Forever 21
Watch - Ed Hardy
Ring - Ruche

Today's Activities:
Decided to take it easy today cause we have been doing some hard core playdates and have a big one at our house tomorrow so today was a rest day. Hit TJ Maxx first to look at some workout tops. I realized all of mine are very crop (you know from that era and when I had flat abs) so I needed some longer tops that is going to keep my midsection covered. I must say shopping for workout tops is not as fun as I thought it would be. Not that much selection. At least at TJ Maxx the prices are decent cause I can't see myself shelling full price ranges of $35-$50 for these. Of course when can you go to TJ Maxx and not find other stuff. They had a super cool selection of winter felt hats at F21 prices. Also some cool flat boots. I plan to wear more boots this fall/winter and need them to be flat. Looking for a distressed gray and a light tan color. I found some but haven't totally decided on them yet.
My son also found some dora lego set that was on clearence he was very excited about. He talked literally non stop about it the entire time! He is sooo into legos now.
Then we went to the indoor play area and had lunch there. It was packed but kids made some new friends and had a good time.
After naps the plan is to grocery shop for tomorrow.
My best friend came over and we attempted some crazy highlight project on each other's hair! Photos to follow later....


  1. There you go again doing something cool and unexpected with the black socks! That is WAY out of my comfort zone! See, I told you that you were fearless, which is super cool! Love the heart necklace with the flowers on it.


  2. Loving the colors in that top and the black socks were the perfect choice with those shoes. Really makes them pop!

  3. wow lovely outfits .... i like ur necklace and ur top ........

  4. In fashion-school, you're teaching the advanced class... Only a sophisticated stylist can get away with black socks.

  5. Check out Target & Sears for work-out clothes, they have some good stuff @ great prices. Especially Target for sports bras - tons of fun colors.

  6. I love all the red in this outfit. It's always nice to find a good deal, they are harder to come by these days!

  7. Hi, proud of you for breaking out of your comfort zone. I wish that I could be like that! That is such a cute painting of your son :) Thanks for the post!

  8. çok şıksın, beğendim tarzını... şort çok yakışmış!

  9. Adding variety to your workout routine will also help your muscles to grow instead of becoming stagnant as they rapidly adjust to your regular core workoutroutine.

  10. The black socks are a very nice touch, they communicate with the black shorts and shirts. What's more they also look very comfy.


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