Saturday, August 20, 2011

Red and Khaki

This was my day outfit. Going out on a big 'couples night out' tonight so the night outfit post will come later tomorrow.
 Since the weather is not that warm today decided to pick an outfit from the 'spring' list and if it got hot I would just take off the jacket and leave the tank dress underneath.
This dress is great cause it is not plain. It has a blousan layer on top that creates pleats. The skirt is a bit short but not too much.
 My new coffee cup from TJ Maxx. I keep loosing them!
 Added the leather purse with bead and bird detail...
 The bronzish gold ones are the bracelets I bought at F21 the other night. Must have spent 15 minutes in their accessory section pairing bracelets together to see what works. I was in the market for some edgy gold pieces. I have them in silver but not gold. I also layered the fossil bracelet gift from daughter (aka husband).
 Got this ring during my son's first trip to Turkey. I still remember going to the gold market with my aunt and him in a stroller. Mixing formula bottles in tea houses and changing diapers in empty offices of the jewelery makers. I love when pieces bring back memories!
 I was initially going to wear sandals but I felt cold. I am weird that way. If my feet are covered I can bare legs and arms and be OK but my feet get sooo cold. These are the new purchases from TJ Maxx. They are great for all seasons and the length and color is perfect. I know when I buy flat shoes or boots I will wear them much more than the high heeled ones.

Flat ironed my hair straight and did a middle part for tonight. Trying something a bit different...

Dress & Belt & Bracelets - Forever 21
Blouse/Jacket - Gap
Boots - Mia from TJ Maxx
Red bracelet - Fossil
Purse - Thread Show
My husband took my daughter and I was with my son this morning. We first hit the dollar store to purchase 8 toys for the reading clinic. Each kid will get a toy every week if they have finished their chapters. Had a great time picking out stuff with him. He talks non-stop. Even more when my daughter is not there to steal the stage. He gets me in these topics that I have no idea how to get out of. He is one of a kind for sure.
After the dollar store we went to his hip hop class which was the last class for the summer session. I gave him option of hip hop, or gym or karate for fall (I already know he does NOT want soccer). And he said he wants to continue hip hop and likes it a lot so that is what we'll be doing.
They are down for naps and quiet time right now. When they wake up my husband will take them to my mom's and we'll get ready for our big night out.
So excited.


  1. Whoa, I love that red dress!! And those boots are amazing! I gotta get me some fringe!

  2. hye . u looks awesome in red dress i like ur res dress and amazing bracelets.....

  3. I like the edgy touch of the boots.. your bracelets are amazing btw! :)

  4. I love the rough details in this look - the bracelets, the fringe on the boots - unexpected details slay me when it comes to personal style!

  5. cute shoes, cool ring, nice hair! i almost bought some (flat) boots from target today...just because they actually had my size (well half size too big, but with socks, lol??!!) but i refrained. these looks the perfect shaft height and it is a great neutral color.

  6. Simply beautiful! Isn't the dollar store the best? It's crazy what you can find in there!


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