Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kimono Top

This was the outfit I wore in the afternoon. Another inspiration from the Anthropologie Fall Catalog!

Isn't her sheer top super similar to my kimono top?! I honestly would have never thought of topping it over a red tee until I saw this photo. My jeans are not as flare or dark as I would like but I remedied that by shopping for one at F21 tonight!

 I knew this kimono top was going to be very versatile. The print and colors provide so much to work with...
 I loved this necklace when I saw it on F21 website. Unfortunately though the length is a very odd one. So I always attach it to another necklace to lengthen in.
My old old Dooney & Burke purse!. This brings back so many memories of my move to NYC right after college and how I went into the D&B store week after week lusting over this purse until I saved up enough to buy it. I still remember how the store clerks wouldn't even look at me (probably cause I wasn't wearing a designer coat). I am hoping this becomes vintage one day and my granddaughter will love me for saving it.
 The platform booties went nicely under this outfit but I swapped for flats for my shopping trip...

Kimono top - Tilly's
Red Tee & Necklace & Booties - Forever 21
Jeans - Citizens
Purse - Dooney & Burke

Today's Activities: 
Hosted a big pool playdate at our house today. Total 8 Mommies plus 16 kids! Managed to get a cup of coffee/tea in before we opened up the pool for swimming. It was hectic but kids loved it.

One of the mommies got in the pool last to take this photo. You can see my son and his friend doing their crazy jumps in the back. They are becoming such great swimmers!

After swimming we had lunch. Everyone brought something to share and we had plenty of food. Of course with 16 kids we sat half around the kid table and the other half on the grass picnic style:
My daughter and her friend swinging away...

 My 'Martha Stewart' friend made this amazing fruit pizza for dessert. It had a sugar cookie like crust and cream cheese frosting. Super yummy and beautiful looking!

After lunch the kids played a little more. Everyone helped out cleanning up and when they all left everything was put away! Just dishes left. I put the kids down and they both slept great.
Late afternoon my husband came home and I left for some retail therapy! Enjoyed the nice and silent ride to the mall even in traffic I didn't mind. Amazing how silence can be so precious for a SAHM!
I visited Anthropologie which is where I had a gift certificate from. Got great items from sale. Then Victoria's secret another store I had gift cards from. Got to love retail stores that send you gift cards to use on your b-day month! I bought their new kohl eyeliner and the exotic lipstick in coral. Loved it.
Then it was Forever 21 and you know that in itself is an hour long trip. Scored some amazing flare jeans, army jacket and some accessories. I had a gift certificate from there too. It was so much fun.

Oh, here are the photos from our hair coloring experiment last night!
 Got the colors all mixed up over the sink!

My bf mixing her color. You can see how she had caramel highlights in her hair already. These all became red afterwards and looked great.

First I do her hair. Started before the kids went to bed. You can see my son watching us with great interest from the top of the tub!

Then she colored mine!


  1. wow nice post i like your outfit and ur top.... u looks smart in this dress... and i love to see your hair coloring experiment pictures ...hahahah

  2. Love that kimono top on you! It's so elegant and chic!

  3. you did an amazing job of turning inspiration into reality. love the outfit!

  4. LOVE this look! It is spot on with the inspiration!

  5. That kimono is beautiful! I absolutely love the shade of it! Recently a few friends and I decided to dye our hair. It was definitely an interesting experience!

    Have a great day!

  6. I love the kimono and the shoes, though I would break my neck walking in them...XD


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