Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 This was my Birthday Dress today!
Yes, today was my actual B-Day! 
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Back to the outfit....
The inspiration came from a lookbook on Francesca's Page I was browsing one day:
This photo just gave me the idea I could wear my black and grey striped cardi over a white dress...
 And late afternoon today after the pool it was chilly enough to wear this cardigan so it was perfect...
 Of course these platforms did not stay on for long. I switched to flats so I can move easily in the house...

My little fairy posing with me!

Dress, Cardigan, bracelets & earrings - Forever 21
Belt - Express
Platforms - Aldo

Had a big family party at our house to celebrate my b-day. Most got there around 2 pm so we can swim in the heated pool. Afterwards my hubby bbq'd all sorts of goodies and everyone brought delicious side dishes for a nice family dinner. Followed by cake of course!

My dad loves to tell everyone I am 29. Which you know I am so far from it...
He did get the all fresh fruit cake I wanted though! It was delicious...

The whole family (that lives in San Diego) came to celebrate!

Kids helped blew out the candles...
With kids Dad and Hubby!

Gathered in the living room to have some cake and open gifts...

My sister and husband ordered all the stuff I had placed on my 'wish list' from the romwe website!

My mom got me this super cool 6126 purse! She had bought a slightly different model for herself and I had loved it. Of course she had already bought me the Michael Kors purse a few months ago as an advance gift! So this was double...

Plus these cool sunglasses to go with the purse!

This blush colored schiffon skirt is one of those romwe items. Can't wait to style it!

My cousin (he is really my cousin's cousin but easier to explain this way) and his girlfriend bought me the perfect card!

The kids both gave me the cutest presents (my husband is so sweet) a bracelet and a necklace (forgot to photo)... As soon as I opened the necklace from my daughter she put it on herself of course!

Such a cute card from my cute nephew...

Even though he had bought some of the romwe items my husband surprised me with a beautiful necklace...

Then he kept taking one box after another from his pockets until I revealed this whole set!

And my step dad gave us this amazing painting of my son when he was around 2 yrs old!

He lays in front of his painting!
 And now some more fun photos....

With my sister and mom:

My daughter getting up close and personal with her cousin!

My mom made this cute cauliflower doggie!


  1. hye Daphne........ happy birthday to you sweet heart ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and your birthday gift i will give tommoro surprizeeee .... i like ur jewelry set and white dress u looks awesome in it.... :-)

  2. doğum günün kutlu olsun,nice sağlıklı ve mutlu yeni yaşlar dilerimmm :)

  3. happy birthday!! looks like you had a fabulous day with family, good food, and presents!!! can't wait to see all your goodies on!

  4. hye i can't wait for tommoro so ur birthday gift is here ..... You are the guest celebrity this month of my Fashion & Style web blog .... this is the link below check your post in my blog ....

    Happy Birthday To you again ♥

  5. Happy Birthday! You look like you had a fabulous time. The painting of your son is just beautiful! What a treasure :)

    You look great for your birthday celebration!


  6. what a fun day! happy birthday!!

  7. Happy Birthday! Your outfit is special: love the striped cardi and fancy shoes.

    And I can see where you get your looks: your mother is beautiful. Your sister, too.

  8. happy birthday dear! what an awesome clebration. love your shoes! :)

  9. Happy Birthay!!! Your outfit was perfect! LOVING the toole peeking out from beneath that skirt!! Looks like an awesome gathering of family! Nothing better :)

  10. Happy birthday! Looks like a fabulous day!

  11. İ loved your outfit but honestly İ liked it with your flats better. That cardigan is really pretty belted or not. İ love your earrings. You got some great gifts yesterday and through out the week. Well you did have a birthday week indeed. Happy Birthday one more time sweetheart.

  12. Love the birthday dress! Looks like you had an amazing b-day! :)

  13. Awe you look great dear, and what a lovely family you have! happy b-day! xo -Taj

  14. Happy Birthday, Daphne! you look gorgeous and what wonderful gifts! i love that snakeskin MK handbag and that blush maxi skirt. what a lovely family you have, i'm glad you had a wonderful celebration!

  15. Happy bday! Glad you are having an amazing time w/ all your loved ones :)

  16. Hi there--thanks for visiting my blog. This post reflects the fun you had. Happy times!! =)

  17. Happy Birthday! You looked amazing!
    Sounds like you had a great day, and got totally spoiled...yay!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  18. What a spectacular birthday! Happy happy!

  19. happy (belated) birthday! your gifts look amazing, love that pink and grey necklace! hope you had a great day.


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