Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ed Hardy

My outfit later part of the day today. I initially had a whole other outfit in mind with these red capri's but when I tried it on I realized the top was too crop against the low rider pants and it was so frustrating cause then I had to pick something else with kids all around my legs. Even with an outfit list it is not easy to just pick something in a rush it seems. Finally settled on this since I already had the pants on and I knew I had trie don this combo when I bought this tee and jacket.
 I know Ed Hardy designs are everywhere and kind of common now but I still love it. The girl graphic on this tee was so pretty and I liked the long tunic length and 3/4 sleeve cut of the tee.
The mustard jacket was such a cool find. I initially purchased it also in hot pink but realized that was too much of a purchase and returned it. I plan to get a lot of use out of this jacket during fall as well. Both were purchased like 5 months ago at TJ Maxx.
 Quite the bright colors when paired with red, right?
 My Chloe purse.
 Seem to wearing these spikey bracelets all the time now.
 The huge frog ring my mom bought for me cause I was looking for one. My gold over black nail polish is totally coming off but did not have time to take it off yet.
 These were the best purchase from F21. They looks so cool under anything and also with ankle socks!

Jacket - Talie (TJ Maxx)
Tee - Ed Hardy (TJ Maxx)
Pants, bracelets, Shoes - Forever 21
Earings - Thread Show
Watch - Michael Kors
Purse - Chloe

TODAY: Took it easy and went to Kid Ventures (indoor play area) so I can catch up on email and continue my job search. I am so happy once again my son ate half of a huge turkey avacado in a crossiant sandwich instead of the stupid pizza bites kid's meal.
After naps we went to a free and open hip hop class that was for ages 4-8. It is between sessions and the company is promoting the classes and also training the teachers. The class had almost 20 kids and my son was in the front row the entire time, his own choice. He couldn't follow most of the moves as they were too advanced but he did watch and pay attention very intenty. The 55 minute class wiped him out. They had leftover for dinner when we got home and I am soon leaving to go out with the girls. We are doing dinner and a free bingo at a new boutique hotel that opened up. I love when we do free stuff!


  1. wow so cute .... i like ur shirt and unique ring .... u looks so sweet in this dress...

  2. ketchup + mustard is what i call this combo, and i absolutely love it. i like tattoos, so i'm drawn to ed hardy designs, too. hope you had a great night with the girls.

  3. Love this color combo! Like Oomph said, ketchup and mustard! The frog ring is super cool too!


  4. Loving all the jewelry..and those RED CAPRIS...they are going to be awesome into fall too...colored bottoms are ALL the rage, no?
    Happy weekend to you.

  5. LOVE EVERYTHING, put together very well!

    loooove the shoes!

  6. Bu tarz ayakkabilari çok begenirim, sanada çok yaki$mi$ ;) Oje'de çok ho$ !

  7. Great outfit. I especially love the pants and the ring. I'm really into bold colors right now.

  8. ay herkesin bir kurbası oldu:) once ben sonra wear simdi sen:P
    sarı kırmızı direk cimbom aklıma geliyo, naparsın benim takım:))

  9. Love the shoes!



  10. I totally love the colors of this outfit. The jacket is very pretty and casual.


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