Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Blazer New Car

Today's funky outfit!

Inspired by this cool chictopia post:

I added this outfit to my list but couldn't really wear it until I acquired this pink blazer. 
The floral tee under is soooo old. It might be actually from my late highschool or early college days.

I tried on about 4 different kinds of blazers in slightly varying shades of pink, peach and blush. I liked this one's long cut and satin like sheen. Bought in a bigger size so it will be roomy. 
The adorable metal bow belt is the end of a long search for such belt. Found it in TJ Maxx and it is a Betsey Johnson.
 I had bought this purse to use it as a diaper bag and did for a while but it wouldn't close so switched to another bag and kept this one to use as a regular purse.

 How idiotic is that!? I left some sort of a bar code sticker on the sunglasses during this whole photo shoot. These were part of my mom's b-day gift and I didn't know it had a sticker on it till after!
 This satin scarf covered headband was purchased years ago from Nordstrom Rack. 
Notice my icy pink lipstick as well?

Blazer, Necklace - Forever 21
Top - very old and have no idea where it is from
Boyfriend cut jeans - Newport News
Boots - from Turkey
Belt - Betsey Johnson (TJ Maxx)
Purse - Mulberry for Target

Down to one car we had to coordinate all the events today. My husband took the kids to my mom's in the morning. My dad picked me up to go to his infusion appointment together and afterwards we went to pick up my new car! Then drove to my  mom's and installed the car seats and picked up the kids. I thought I would have time to arrange all the stuff back in the new car but no luck as I barely had time to change into gym clothes. Met my friend and her kids near the gym. Thank goodness she had brought dinner for all of us so we could eat before the weight lifting class. Unfortunatley her little one cried so much that they had to come and get her and she left mid class.
The kids love the new car. My son calls it 'fillmore' cause it looks like the green bus in the CARS movie. They kept asking what was all the extra seats for.

Here I am with Dad picking up the new Honda Odyssey!
I swore years ago that I would NEVER own or drive a mini-van. And look at me now! 


  1. i've been looking for a pink blazer, too! ok, the zara one to be specific, lol...but we have no zara here! i love it with the boyfriend jeans. haha, i said i'd never drive a van either. i still don't, but it sure is convenient sometimes, isn't it?!! congrats!!

  2. oh i love that bag:D its georgeous:) check my blog if you like it:D

  3. wow looks so cute in this dress ... i like ur shirt and purse .....

  4. congo for the new car! Im amazed how come you keep all your clothes intact all the passing years.. hehe.. the pink blazer looks good for wearing out in daylight.

  5. Like they say, never say never :)
    Car looks nice

  6. I swore I would never drive a mini van either, but I love mine!

    This blush pink color is a really nice color on you. I love it paired with the floral top and the rolled up jeans. Great outfit!


  7. From your high school days... that can't have been long ago, right? :)

    Nice car. If it suits your life, don't worry about stereotypes. Function has value. And it does look like Fillmore...

  8. Such a sweet blazer! LOVE the baby pink color and congrats on the new set of wheels!

  9. definitely a nice blazer! congrats on the car!

  10. Thank you for telling me your this post, pretty mommy:D

    You did a great job!:D And your little son is SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  11. Cute outfit altogether! Sorry for the bar code on the glasses:( But looks so cool with pink shades in them with your pink coordinated outfit. Love that belt. Gule gule kullanin ailecek saglik icinde eglenerek gecirin gunlerinizi canim yeni arabanizla. İ love the new car now we can all drive together.

  12. all the pink! Congrats on the new car! :) Don't feel too bad about the bar code sounds like something I would do. ;)

  13. Pembe blazer'ın kıvrık paçadan görünen pembe çoraplar ile uyumu çok hoş olmuş canım. Kolye, lipstick ve floral bluz da kombini çok güzel tamamlıyor bence :)

  14. Ooo Love this outfit and the pink blazer is gorgeous! No worries about the sunglasses, it is actually a cute touch and it just shows you are a super bz mom!

  15. love the bag!! bit late getting in on that!! but i got a bra from target and its the same print..kickass!!

  16. very cute! You really did your inspiration justice (which is something I really can't get right!).
    Great bag!

    xxx irinja (

  17. That blazer is definitely cute, but your car looks even cuter! Your kids are right, it does look like that character from “Cars!” I'm glad you got to take it for a spin so soon after getting it. It's really good that your kids loved the car right away. Let's hope they help you take good care of it so that you can use it for a very long time!

    - Prince Moss


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