Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Striped Maxi

 Today's outfit to a playground and pool outing. 

The inspiration was from the following J Crew catalog photo:
 This was actually the cover of their catalog...

 I just used my maxi dress that looks very similar. I liked the idea of adding a green belt and peach/coral colored necklaces...This is what I like about J Crew. Besides the great clothes they sell which are usually over my budget they put together amazing color combinations together. And I love using these as inspiration with stuff I already own...

 I layered 3 separate necklaces here and 2 of them are layered items in themselves. Result = a lot of layers...
 The hat was my idea. Felt like I needed to add a hat. I got these funky cat eye like sunglasses from Anhtropologie.

Striped Maxi Dress - Marshall's
Belt, Hat & Necklaces - Forever 21
Flip flops - Target
Sunglasses - Anthropologie

TODAY: We went to the public pool today that has super cool play structures. It is the same pool we went with preschool class during summer session. Wanted to re-visit again before the end of the summer. Met up with two other friends at a nearby playground first since the pool does not open until noon. Kids had fun.
Of course came home pretty late and naps and wake up time was late as well. After dinner and baths, I left the kids with my husband to meet the car sales lady so she can show me all the ins and outs of my new car. I so am enjoying to automatic sliding doors and the ample storage inside the car for everyone. Kids love having a console between them that has cup holders for their drinks and snacks. 
Here are some more complete photos of the new car!


  1. your maxi dress is looking b'ful.

  2. Great maxi dress!!!

  3. i love the whole outfit! especially the necklaces. i love layering jewelry like that, and the color is a nice contrast to the dress :)

    lindsay @

  4. that's a great dress! I just bought a similar one from h&m and can't wait to wear it! ;))

  5. I absolutely love your striped maxi! Such a great piece to wear to the pool, too! :)
    I have never been able to pair a hat with a pair of sunglasses, I just think it doesn't look too good on me, haha. You look great though! :)


  6. wow looks sweeeet ........... i love ur outfit and jewelry ....

  7. great dress!


  8. Love it! Maxis and stripes are a winning combo!


  9. super cute! love that maxi on you!!

  10. The maxi looks awesome! Loving the pic in the tree!

  11. The maxi dress looks great on you, few can pull off the ones with stripes! I also like how you layered the necklaces, the feather adds a great accent up against the dress!

  12. love your inspiration and the way you style it:)
    P.S. the new car looks safe and strong, for being a mom, what else could you ask more for a car:D
    Following as well<3

  13. I love, LOVE that striped maxi on you. The green and coral accessories are perfect! You look fantastic.

  14. i really like this outfit and the jewellery combined! wow that's a nice car!

    jos xx

  15. ok, i want this dress! lol. you know me and my maxis + stripes! and i've been trying to find a black one in this style. most of my maxis are a-lines and flared...want a straight one like this!


  16. Wow, you look HOT in that maxi dress. Certainly a great oufit to wear near the pool with the kiddies. I also like the additional of the green belt- unexpected but works! Thanks for the post!


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