Sunday, August 21, 2011

White Short Suit

 Here is the outfit from last night finally! Was sooo out of this all day today. I wonder why? :)

The inspiration was from People Style Watch of Gweneth Paltrow in a sleek white short suit:

To achieve this look I used the H&M high waist shorts and the Forever 21 white blazer. These shorts are very high quality and thick and dressy. I wore a black sequined bustier underneath.

I initially borrowed my mom's booties which are very similar to the ones in the photo but my ankles are too skinny and they didn't look right. So I went with my own Juicy's.

This cuff necklace was exactly what I was looking for so I jumped on it when I saw it at F21 months ago. I am hoping it does not get tarnished. 

My new edgy gold bracelets and my mom's envelope clutch

 Our cab showed up early so these photos were taken in just a minute and very rushed. This always happens whenever I dress for a night out. We never have time for good photos. Such a shame cause those are usually the outfits that deserve more recognition...

Blazer, Necklace, Bracelets - Forever 21
Shorts - H&M
Booties - Juicy Couture
Clutch - Mom's

We had an amazing fun night with our parent group. We all met for dinner at 6 PM. We were chatting so much that ended up ordering the food late and not having time to finish it. Which probably was the reason why I was so hung over with not enough food in my stomach. After dinner we walked over to the Comedy Club. Watched 3 comedians and laughed a lot. After that it becomes a little blurry but there was a bar and more drinking then a late night stop at IHop before cabbing it home.
I went through 3 pain killers today and still don't feel 100%. To top it all after I picked up the kids from my mom's my car broke down a block down the road. AGAIN! Got it towed to a repair shop but of course they are closed on a Sunday so won't know until tomorrow. We are thinking it is time for a new car. I just can't have this fear of breaking down on the road with two kids in the car!

Here are some fun photos from our night:


  1. sorry you are suffering from last night...but you looked great!! i always think a white suit is a gorgeous...but the shorts make it more do-able.

    i'm on oahu, and thanks for the comment on my swimsuit. it's actually brown and off-white. i bought it because of the style. now sure why all the syles i (need) have are in animal prints! i have a leopard one, too!

  2. looks lovely in white ..... white color is suit you so much and u looks gorgeous in this .....

  3. such a great outfit :))you looks soooo beautiful in that :))

  4. ayakkabı,çanta ve aksesuarlara bayıldım.siyah beyaz kombinin sana çok yakışmış :)

  5. This is a great outfit! Those boots and your necklace are seriously rockin! Looks like you had a great time. I know what you mean though about going out, not eating enough, drinking too much, and then paying for it the next day!


  6. So sorry about your car troubles and you not feeling well. But you do look FAB!! Hope you'll get the car fixed soon or better yet get a new one ;)

  7. You look amazing in this outfit. İ love the combination of black and white and the shorts looks cool with those boots. The necklace and the accessories are very cool too. Your hair came out pretty good it looks like with self coloring! Fun night fun and beautiful friends. You all look very pretty and İ love Alice's dress very much.

  8. woaww muhtesemsin cnm oz dolduruyosun ayakkabı kolye en beğendiklerim oldu... sahane...

  9. Super hot! Pulling it off well.


  10. are SMOKIN hot in this outfit! Love it w the booties...very unexpected..and you are channeling FALL which has be SO excited...I can't wait for layers and boots and all things FALL....
    I have moved on in my the weather just needs to follow.
    Looks like you had a fun night on the town...hangovers are the WORST...and a car brake down...that's a rough "morning after" for sure.
    Hope your week is better!

  11. Now that's what I'm talking about -- you rang the glamour-bell with this chic outfit. Very sophisticated and cool.

  12. Merhaba, bloğunuzu çok beğendim:) ben de sizi kendi bloğuma beklerim:)

  13. Wow, you look so great! I could never pull off something like this, but you wear it SO WELL! Your hair looks awesome!

  14. I love that you styled this outfit with all white. It looks fantastic! And the white blazer really ties in the menswear trend. LOVE it!


  15. That bold gold necklace is so awesome!


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