Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Grub Crawl

This was my outfit on the pub crawl last night. Inspired by the following photo:
 This polka dot bustier reminded me of the polka dot cami I have. 

Finally got the opportunity for some street shots! This is a neighborhood right next to our downtown area...In front of my friend's building.

Wore my initial charm necklace:

Black and white chain purse and black and rhinestone accessories. The ring is a double ring - gift from mom to my sister but it was too big on her so I got it! :)

Coming down the stairs of one of the restaurants we had the tasting at... Should have taken photos of the food! Totally forgot!

This is an old jacket I bought for work years ago. I love the off white/cream color and fur trim!

Everyone kept commenting on how I was going to walk on these heels but these Juicy booties are quite comfy given their thick hiking boot like soles! The open heel as well as peep toe makes them very suitable for summer.

Jacket - TJ Maxx
Polka dot top - Forever 21
Shorts (which came with detachable suspenders) - Marshall's
Booties - Juicy Couture (zappos)
Necklace & Ring - gift
Bracelet - Tilly's
Purse - Guess

Here is a photo of my mom in her yellow and grey summer dress with a tulle underlay. Of course among the 7 of us mom and I were the only ones in heels! 

Grub Crawl: So my friend read this as 'pub crawl' and was surprised when she found out we would be tasting food. But of course we turned it into a pub and grub crawl but ordering drinks from each place. They had great drink specials anyway for the event. The places served excellent food but the service was exteremly slow. The good thing is you pay per place you go so no need to hit every place. And we enjoyed the slow pace which allowed us to chat. 
Here is the group at one of the restaurant's:
Left to Right: Me, my Mom, my friend Gwen, my best friend Lisa, My SIL (Jenn), her sister (Sarah), and my other friend from my old Job (Jean)


  1. Now that sounds fun! Food, drinks, and girltime-can't get better than that!

    Love how you paired the jacket with the rest of the outfit. And you seriously have a smoking shoe collection!


  2. You were smoking hot last night! Those shoes and the top is to die for but the whole outfit definitely needs legs like yours:) İt was a very fun night and thanks for inviting me. İ enjoyed the Nutella crepe finale!!!!

  3. gorgeous blazer...i love the oomph-worthy details! such a fun event and you guys look purty!


  4. Now those are shoes!! I love Zappos.

  5. that sounds like an awesome event, as i am more of a foodie than a drinker! you and your mom both look fantastic!

  6. You look hot! I love this look! Gorgeous. I gave you a blog award:-) be sure to stop by and check it out!


  7. This sounds like fun! I love your shoes - hot!

  8. Those booties are insanely awesome!

  9. Love the inspiration photo you chose! I would totally wear that polka dot bustier (did I spell that correctly. I really like how you pulled your outfit together based on the look. Well done.

  10. awesome pictures .... i like ur sky blue purse ......


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