Sunday, August 7, 2011

Minty Birds

 My outfit on Sunday afternoon was inspired by a photo in my favorite store's (Anthropology) catalog:
 This top's color and style reminded me of this top I have that is just super old but always has been a favorite of mine. I have worn this to many work occasions over black slacks or black capri's.
 It has quite a wide square neckline so best when worn with strapless bra.
 These harem pants were a new purchase before I stopped shopping in July. They are very soft and comfy to wear made out of t-shirt material with an elastic waist and even pockets!
 This top is sheer and soft and the sleeves are just sooo cool!
The bead and stone belt is also very cool but I rarely use it. And now I realize I do not remember where I got it. It is another very old item.
 This necklace was perfect with its mint undertones. Wore it as short as I could so it wouldn't hit the neckline...

Got lots of compliments on my the large coral ring!
 I think this was the purse my bf brought back from Hong Kong. It is silk and the colors worked great with the outfit. My first time using it I think. I have a section in my closet with such 'ethnic' purses hanging on a nail. Should visit that section more often for gems.
 The lizard sandals without their gladiator straps...

Posing with my little man (who is still recovering from his shots)!

Top - Bebe
Pants & Necklace - Forever 21
Ring - H&M
Purse - gift
Belt - do not remember...

Today's Activities: Had a nice morning going out to breakfast with the family. Walked on the boardwalk afterwards.
The kids with their grandparents:

My in-laws left soon after coming back home. We had plans to swim but my son still sore from the shots refused to take off his t-shirt (his arms hurt) so my hubby and daughter swam while him and I played legos. I grew up with legos and love them and he is turning to be just like me. We had a great time building pet houses and dinasour caves. After lunch and naps met up with family and friends for another concert in the park.
Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

My daughter once again hits the dance floor as soon as they start playing:

The dance floor was packed shortly after!

It was quite crowded!

Just can't over the views of this park. So pretty to look at...

My son with his Grandpa Neal (my step-dad):

My daughter with my mom enjoying a chicken wing!

With my Dad and Hubby!

Playing a rocket game for a while on the side!

All the kids were called on stage at the end to dance with the singer. My son and friend's daughter were the only ones at the time near us to get on stage.

These people brought some fancy bubble making devices at the end and put on a show for the kids!

At the end when the crowd left our kids had a great time running up the hill and playing...


  1. what a gorgeous top! i love the sleeves. and those harem pants are pretty fabulous too!

  2. wow awesome pictures ... and ur shirt and shoes r gorgeous.................

  3. No doubt you had a great time.. I can really see that.. I too have harem pants but they are deep violet.. your sandals stole the show girl.. its difficult to match sandals actually with such pants but you have b'fully done that. Who clicks your pics,i would like to know that.. have fun

  4. That top is beautiful! A little Stevie Nicks with the flowy fluttery sleeves. I love your style, because you are so fearless! I would never attempt harem pants, but you pulled it off wonderful!


  5. How fun! I'm glad you had such a good time with both of your parents.

    You look fantastic in those pants and that top is amazing!

  6. I really love the colors in this outfit!! That last picture of you by yourself is really, really cute.

  7. Love the overall outfit but those pants are my favorite! I've been searching for a pair like that that'd look good on me but so far, no luck! :(

  8. bluzunun kolları çok güzel ve kolyene de bayıldım :)açık havada,çimlerin üzerinde ne güzel bir gün geçirmişsiniz :)

  9. İ loved your whole outfit and it was perfect for the concert in the park. The colors were cool together and your hair looked beautiful:) Was a very fun evening except the time when we thought we lost Juliet! We need to put a GPS bracelet on her for these crowded events İ think.

  10. Too cute! I love all the accessories! :)

  11. Ne guzel bir gun olmus Defne'cim, oyle ailecek. Uzerindeki salvar pantalon cok hos. Bluzun da oyle. Evet yaa, hic kis gelmese ne guzel olur degil mi?

  12. çok hoş görüntü. sevdim .aksesuarlar çok hoş .

  13. Bende yorumuna cok tesekkür ederim :) Kombin ve renkler cok güzel olmus! Kolye harika!!
    Ayrica gecenlerde bir bloga yorum yazmissin, orada izmir´den geldigini okudum - bende izmirliyim :) Seni takip edecegim, cok seviniyorum izmirli bloggerlar bulunca :)

  14. Great interpretation of the Anthropologie outfit! The mint and grey/purple are fabulous together.

    xo, sam


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