Friday, August 12, 2011

Silver Night

This is what I wore last night to my b-day dinner with the girls. 
The inspiration had come from the March 2011 issue of In Style magazine. The whole idea of silver metallics and white....
 This shimmery silver dress is super super old. It is one of those dresses that is so easy to wear and adds instant glamor. Made of stretchy material and lined with one halter top closure the thing is super comfy.

Here is a close-up of the dress's material:

My silver strappy sandals and silver accessories:

Even managed to paint my nails silver...

Without the white blazer:

Dress & Clutch - Victoria's Secret
Blazer & Earrings - Forever 21
Shoes - Laundry Segal
Bracelets - Tiffany's & Red Envelope
Ring - from Turkey (gift from Mom)
We had a busy morning first going to a friend's house for a big swim playdate and potluck lunch.
After naps our family friend came over to take the kids to the smurf's movie followed by gyro (doner) dinner.
After they left I got ready for the night. My sister came over and we spent a little too much time styling her which at the end she wore the first outfit she had decided on anyway but at least I now have another outfit idea (the one she did not use).
Here is my sister and I:
 My idea was to wear hot pink tank top under that white lace top but she went with classic white...

This was the first place we met at for happy hour: The Office

Posing on the street in front:

With one of my best friend's:

First round:

2nd round:

The three in lacey tops:

At stop number 2 for dinner: El Take It Easy:
Some of the stuff we ordered included: Chicken skin tacos and pork belly!

 This was a stupid plate: (peppers was envisioning a lot more...)

Walking to spot #3 The Club U-31:

We were in this funky part of town called 'North Park'. It is always interesting here!

My poor sister who was such a good sport hanging with us during her crazy diet. This was her bar she took out in the middle of the club to eat as her evening snack!

The group in line to get into the club:
The club clientele was very concentrated ethnicity and we were pretty much the only diversity there. But we didn't care. Remember I always this is a group of girls who like to have fun and really don't care whether we fit in or not and we sure did NOT fit in this club but it sure was fun being the minority!
Such a fun night!....

Participating today in the Visual Fashion Beauty Friend Friday 
(created by Katy from Modly Chic).
Kendra from Thrifty and Shameless 
is hosting this event of  
'Creative manicures'

Here are some of my funky manicures:

1. Pink and Red (from post: Orange Tassles):

2. Sunny Yellow (from the post Green Stripes):

3. Yellow and Orange (from the post no.56):

4. Silver and Navy (from post Props to Bloggers):

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  1. This dress is smokin! Love it paired with the white blazer too! Happy Birthday, it looks like you had a great time!


  2. Aww, Happy Bday! Looks like lots of fun. Your sister is so beautiful.
    Love the silver and white outfit on you.

  3. wow i like silver dress and full matching shoes ans lovely nail polish wow ...............u looks awesome in this out fit.....

  4. very chic! I would totally wear something similar. The dress is spectacular.

  5. happy bday! you look great in that dress...and i love the barely-there strappy shoes! back in the day, we never cared if we fit in at clubs...we just had a great with our group!


  6. wow harika görünüyorsun, çok şık olmuşsun, çook beğendim. silver renk elbise ve beyaz blazer çok uyumlu ve çok güzel taşımışsın... aksesuarlarda çok güzel...


  7. Selam,

    güzel yorumun icin tskler <3

    elbisen ve blazerini cok begendim, ayrica sana cok yakismis !

    eglenceli gecmis bir aksama benziyor :D


  8. Sexy mama ! I love that dress !

    Love all the nails inspiration ! Totally adorable !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  9. You make me so jealous! You always look so good. I never thought about pairing silver with white but it's a winning combination. And that dress looks fabulous on you. Can we switch lives for a day?

  10. Wow here is my beautiful two daughters! Look great in your outfits. Totally club worthy Northpark or not:). Everybody looks great really it looks like a fun night. İ love your dress with that blazer and your hair is looking very good lately. Nail wear looks cute and interesting. See more of you Sunday when İ actually gave birth to you!!!

  11. I really love you outfit with silver. Really really nice.

  12. First look totally kick A$$ in that silver and white. I love it! And all of your different manis are adorable. I see you're a huge fan of doing your tips!

  13. Great post! Looks like you had a super fun birthday. The outfit looked great and the silver nails were perfect!


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